Solar Storm: Connectivity in the Brave New World Order (7-14-19)

Kyle discusses how the internet of things is taking over the world and leading us to a worldwide prison system, with the technology often being made in Israel, a country with a huge history of spying and blackmail, as can be seen with the Epstein case.

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5 years ago

Kyle for President.
Great show.

5 years ago

Thank you, Kyle. Here’s a 5G summit happening – they will get into the link between 5G, AI and global surveillance. Sayer Ji, Dr. Klinghardt, free ebooks, including one on natural healing.
I saw that Truthstream has a new one up called ‘Do People Realize They are Creating Their Own Overlords.’ I like their videos, but that sums up their message – that people are doing it to themselves, choosing it. Maybe partly true, but needs that bigger context of who is doing the enslaving, how they’ve slowly done this to their victims/slaves over generations with malicious intent.

Reply to  Callwen
5 years ago

I’m pretty sure the Dykes are jews.

Reply to  Callwen
5 years ago

That sounds to me like some heavy duty NLP on their part. They reveal a lot, but it seems to always be in a way to not really get at the real perpetrators and also create some level of subconscious consent (defeat?) on the part of the audience.

5 years ago

UK Parliamentary Committee Debate: Health-related effects of electromagnetic fields and 5G, Tuesday 25 June 2019
Tonia Antoniazzi MP – (Gower).

In UK 5G implementation has been started by at least Vodafone and EE. The safety standards followed by Government date back to 1998 and predate important animal studies (many on pubmed) and it now emerges that at least one re/insurer will not provide professional liability cover for EMF mediated injury or harm…

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