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2 years ago


2 years ago

Seeing those brits clapping for the NHS, every THursday night at 8pm I think? They clapped for their own destruction….that was insane, they were literally cheering on their own murderers. Seems to be pretty much normal here now, i’m about 25km outside Warsaw, semi rural, no one wearing masks anymore outside and not in my local deli….and big farmers markets going on in open air etc, most without masks… . i think most people here in sem-rural poland know it’s all bullshit, i don’t think they can bring it back again….. let’s hope…still a lot of stupid braindead poles around though, so who knows… a lot of people got jabbed, 50% they are saying I think in Poland….. My aunt and grandma in their mid… Read more »

2 years ago

“Oy Vey, Mark Zuckerberg lost 6 gorillion dollars? It’s like anudduh Shoah! The mean ol’ gentiles should have to reimburse the poor, downtrodden Zuckerberg family. Also, every goy that isn’t triple vaxxed should be sent to prison! They’re endangering the lives of others, most importantly Jews with our weak immune systems and enormous noses that inhale every virus within a ten foot radius with every breath. What’s a few dead goyim to make the world safe for Jews?” Seriously though, I wonder how the vaccines differ from region to region. Like I’m assuming that since the vaccines they are giving us in the West are killing people and rendering women infertile, the vaccines they are using in places like Africa and India are different, as… Read more »

2 years ago

This was a nice punchy show & right from the start it was the listening equivalent of a boxer landing a rapid succession of blows over & over & over! The little chuckles every now & then just reinforced the fact that blows COULD NOT in any way be countered! Thanks Kyle.

2 years ago

Can’t read, can’t write but I got two classes this semester,
Homo Techniques and Holocaust!

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