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2 years ago

good show, the 2nd half was hard to hear because someone was playing piano. I agree muh jewtin is a total shill. Hes locking down russia and pushing the vaxx. He pushes back against trannyism and says theres only 2 genders. so based! Who else does that? ben shapiro, juden peterstein, and that cunt steven crowder. all jew shills. They even have a partnership to stay on facebook and jewtube. Nothing says real opposition like a contract with jewtube

dedicated reader
Reply to  renegade
2 years ago

Your voice was NOT a big hard to hear. Btw, I appreciated hearing the piano in the distant background and now learning it is your son, delighted.

Reply to  dedicated reader
2 years ago

i cant hear any piano either? weird

2 years ago

A dark (((wizard))) indeed.

2 years ago

You sir are doing a very difficult job and I salute you, to absorb all the media and put out a relentless review. Keep fighting brother.

Konrad Rhodes
2 years ago

Dear Renegade Maybe I’m commenting too soon, I am about 22 min but I didn’t want to forget this: I have not had the covid injections of course, but I have had to have serious dental work recently back in August. It was a major surgical extraction do to a wisdom tooth that had grown into my jaw. Why does this matter? Because everyone, the dental surgeon, the dental assistants and interning student, ALL had the shots and I believe the ‘booster’. I have never in my life had high blood pressure or heart issues ever! In fact my typical read avg: 105/72 at 55bpm. After that procedure, the whole time being exposed heavily to these vaccinated people who were very close for over forth… Read more »

Reply to  Konrad Rhodes
2 years ago

I shared my experience of being at a party recently and feeling really off the next day on a Telegram group and someone in that Telegram group shared that she was living in a shared house with everyone else getting the injections. She ended up in hospital a number of times with numerous brain issues, including a serious brain bleed, causing many months of ill health even though she had no prior issues. I happened to have had a shiatsu the day before and the day after the party and the shiatsuist couldn’t believe the difference. The heart meridian was very painful and the worst the shiatsuist had ever found it and I normally don’t have any heart meridian issues. I also had some weird… Read more »

Robert Heimdal
2 years ago

Looks like a little victory here. (RT article)

Reply to  Robert Heimdal
2 years ago


2 years ago

the “unexpectedly” section was like listening to a Monty Python episode, had me smiling. I love the inflections in your voice Kyle, very appropriate.

2 years ago

They are also now researching fluvoxamine (brand name Luvox) as an anti-inflammatory treatment for COVID-19. But the media does not disclose potential side effects of this anti-depressant such as “suicidal ideation and behaviour”; induced from lifting psychomotor inhibition, occurring at the beginning of taking this dangerous SSRI.

Reply to  Leo
2 years ago

“covid-19” has never been isolated in a lab so therefore IT DOES NOT EXIST.

“covid-19” DOES NOT EXIST
“covid-19” DOES NOT EXIST
“covid-19” DOES NOT EXIST

We know what you’re doing “Leo”. Stop putting it in capital letters to try to reinforce that it somehow does. ALWAYS use inverted commas to show it for what it is – PURE BULLSHIT.

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