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Anthony Roberts
4 years ago

Re Kobe: On Sat evening Lebron “King” James who wears “No 23,” passed Bryant’s total career points scored. This next jew-slave’s “corona” went viral. Then Sunday morning, as the City of Calabasas (33) police ground their copters, because minimum conditions aren’t met, Bryant meets a foggy and fiery end. It does seem like a ritual death to me.

PS Good show in advance guys. The obvious jew/agent “jewrassic liars” on YT, even plays a cartoon from 2017, showing Bryant with a crashed exploding helicopter on top of him. Was he just next on their “rotor?”

Robert Heimdal
4 years ago

Hi Drew. I have been thinking for a long time that many of these “abductions” were all a big experiment on so-called “implanted memories” (like in the ‘Blade Runner’ movie mentioned in the podcast). That would explain why these people were “never caught”. An off-shoot of the MK-Ultra project in a way perhaps. My two cents.

By the way, whatever happened to Stefan of Thule Productions. Still waiting for those “Imperial Germans” to come about.

Steve the bicyclist
4 years ago

After the mid-break Drew says, “There’s a lot we don’t know about everything we’re saying.” That sure is true and annoying! It’s like we don’t know anything! I have a lot of ideas. But nothing objective and provable. They are mostly subjective based on research and contemplation. Maybe “anal probing” is a microbiome check? (Or, modification?) My concept of aliens and demons etc.. Is, they are from nearby dimensions. The “Huna” (Hawaiian kahuna) have a description of worlds, that says, worlds are like grapes on a vine. Where the grape is the world, and the vine is the universal energy source. I take that concept one more step and add that those grapes are also like onions! With various layers of frequency. The onion layer… Read more »

4 years ago


an analysis of John Carpenter’s revelation of the method in his films

4 years ago

Cattle mutilations smells like a government operation but no one has ever been able to detect who or what is carrying them out.

Reply to  HuckleBuck411
4 years ago

Most alien related stuff I’d say is a Government operation of sorts. That is just my view until I’m proven wrong but so far no proof of aliens just we humans and the other animals around us & such. As far as space, well I don’t even know what to believe about that. It could just be a sky, that goes up and up and up … idk if ZOG is even honest with us about a barrier between the sky that separate ls us from “no gravity space”. I can’t say forsure but it does seem to me we’re Probably getting lied to a lot about what is supposedly up there. Keep in mind if it is an endless sky with no barrier, that… Read more »

4 years ago

In a nutshell, WWII never ended. Only three of the four military branches signed the May 8, 1945 “unconditional capitulation”. The fourth branch, the Waffen-SS, never signed it. The Reich never signed a peace treaty. Germany is still enemy number one—the real reason for all the millions of Hollywood “Nazi” movies and the constant sickening ignorant anti-German babble everywhere. The war propaganda continues. UN (JWO) still lists Germany as the enemy—eighty years after the war supposedly ended. Beginning in summer 1942, the brighter heads of the German leadership saw the handwriting on the wall. Germany could not possibly win this war on its territory. Hitler ordered a breakaway operation, so he could continue the war against the JWO, from where it could be won—from secret… Read more »

Christian Place
4 years ago

Whitley Streiber is a Jew . Ever hear or Liev Schreiber the actor. Streibers parents were CIA and Air Force in the ‘old days’ when often military ‘families’ were not at all real families and the children were abducted from adoption agencies or nurseries or literally bred like animals and baby mills still exist. He even tells in interviews that he has childhood memories of children in cages and Skinner boxes!!!! Monterey! You know what was there I know you do.
Thank you to Drew for the Passport to Magonia by Jacques Vallee
But Kyle come on! Look at any photo of Streiber

Reply to  Christian Place
4 years ago

Did I ever say Streiber was an Aryan hero?

Christian Place
Reply to  renegade
4 years ago

In fairness no but I’m just surprised you haven’t come across this guy in all the research you’ve done.
About ten minutes in if I remember right
Sorry for coming off too pushy but this guy scared the shit outta me as a kid when I saw the cover of ‘Communion’ I don’t think any of the alien abduction shows of the 90s that for a child is scary as hell was accidental

Christian Place
Reply to  renegade
4 years ago

I apologize
It was a really good show as the previous with Drew and most of your shows but the whole 90s alien abduction craze and growing up with a father who was a true abductee believer still gets to me. I know I wasnt the only kid laying awake at night thinking aliens were coming to get him in the night. I don’t think I slept much til I was almost 12.

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