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4 years ago

This reminds me of a link I recently came across in a post off a story I was reading and its disgusting! I do not want to post this.. I am sorry for sharing the link. But for those that do not know this about John McAffee that made the McAffee Antivirus software. I knew he was degenerate.. but one cannot vomit enough to expel this horror

Studio Gibslee
4 years ago

Great show and as disgusting as the subject matter is, it needs to be told.

There is a series of anti-White Allstate insurance commercials they’ve been running ad infinitum on talmudvision featuring a popular White actor degrading himself. In the first one he plays a burglar, another he is shown applying makeup while riding in a car, and in the latest he is wearing a dog collar and behaving like an insane man who thinks he’s a dog. He then proceeds to lick the woman driving, and she utters the line “I saw you eating poop earlier.” I couldn’t believe it. It’s like they checked all of the anti-White boxes with this one.

Anthony Roberts
4 years ago

This is just one more jewish supremacist social engineering agenda to normalize homosexuality and anal sex, in the minds of our malleable youth.

Shame on all the so-called doctors and educators who stay silent on this unhealthy, unnatural and disgusting “lifestyle,” to protect their careers and $100k salaries. You are PATHETIC COWARDS!

PS They even use poop to trigger duped christards by saying moloch jnr should boil in feces. Also, the ice cream swirl emoji symbology is probably a knowing-wink to fellow moloch child rapers/killers, too.

Reply to  Anthony Roberts
4 years ago

Anthony your mention of the “ice cream swirl emoji” prompted me to take a closer look at the logo of the most common brand of ice cream in Australia & NZ. From Wiki – “Streets is an Australian ice-cream brand owned by the multi-national British-Dutch company Unilever. It is part of Unilever’s ice cream brand Heartbrand.” Notice how their logo just happens to be a spiral formed into a small heart within a big heart. I never really took this much notice of the logo before but it definitely fits the same mold as all of these other pedo symbols to a tee! Most of their novelty ice cream range is now made in China & imported back into Australia & NZ from what I’ve… Read more »

Lars Baum
4 years ago

Yeap, Jewish people and feces are intertwined like Judaism and Talmud are. I remember late William Pierce to have talked about their scatological culture and feces jokes of the Kikes, in one of his podcasts some 20 years ago. This weird obsessions with feces, excrements, sexual organs, and with the grossest forms of sex are the very Semitic traits of this alien race. Still worse, they impose their scatological culture on us through Hollywood, mass-media and entertainments, all of which they control and dominate.

4 years ago

Oh just get ready for this one… people have lost their minds. Would you eat something someone is calling poo? wat the ..

The Bull
4 years ago

All this reminds me of the movie Idiotocracy, and how it shows what the future will be.

4 years ago

These creatures are quite something, to say the least, but it makes sense in a way. Remember that Wittenburg judensau where the rabbi is lifting up the pig’s tail to look inside its arse to glean the secrets of the talmud? This continuous arse/shiyte/excrement fascination , or fetish, seems ubiquitous with them. RE; the zisblatt diamond shiiter-eater, the mosberg guy eating his, (of the recent Renegade post) and others too numerous to mention. One thing is sure, they do maintain a certain continuity with their stories, as full of shyte as they are.
Cheers and best,

John from NC
4 years ago

Director Alfred Hitchcock always made sure to have at least one bathroom scene in all of his movies. He had some fetish about it, along with murdering blond women.

Steve the bicyclist
4 years ago

Seems like a trend. Perhaps to make it so the various west coast çities go “viral” with the legalized street pooping. Much like India today! According to the “humanure handbook” there are various microbes that consume metals, pathogens, and even chemicals and drugs in excrement. Takes more than a year of composting. Doesn’t stink, but it takes up space. Also, various countries such as Mexico and China and USA use straight (uncomposted) sewage as crop fertilizer! The doc “biosludged” discusses it. There’s also methane production… This is probably why crap is promoted as fun. Someone has to stick it in the “digester.” And that’s a horrible job! Crap is not a toy, and it’s not “fun,” it should be recycled properly, or at least removed… Read more »

Reply to  Steve the bicyclist
4 years ago

Interesting comment. I appreciate the source “Humanure Handbook” for such an unsavory topic. Closed ecological life support systems, also known as Biological Life Support Systems, used for SHTF (pun intended) situations are pivotally concerned with the treatment and processing of human waste, urea and excreta to be precise. Thank you for sharing.

4 years ago

[…] jews do not want this book being sold, but it is not wrong. I recently did a whole show about how jews are promoting poop to children and adults as something that is cool, fun to play with, and even appetizing. These […]

Robert Heimdal
4 years ago

Thanks for mentioning the Half-Truthstream Media people. They have been doing a good job so far but they will never mention the jews, not because of fear of being “censored” by JewTube precisely.

Also I wonder now why the word “eschatology” is so similar-sounding to the word “scatology” (the biologically oriented study of excrement).

4 years ago

What blows is that we Gentiles now have to eat
the shit that these kikes produce….since 1945 anyway.

4 years ago

Fucking poisoners of humanity…

Smelly, repulsive ditch-rats.

4 years ago

No discussion of jew poop obsession would be complete without mentioning the… Boogerman

Karen Hetherington
4 years ago

I’ve never heard such a good breakdown of this truth about the “foreign” tribe. Most everything about them is contrary to what Gentiles hold in esteem or privacy in this case. If anything, you would think that living in Europe or America would have changed them. But no our people copy the behavior of mentally ill people. I think they really have no respect for the body because it is a laughing stock for them.
But then again, they don’t have an aesthetic sense because they are basically ugly people.
Thanks for an entertaining podcast.

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