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Anthony Roberts
4 years ago

The YT channel regarding this (latest) Seattle 911 theory is “jewrassic liars 26.” This christard has supposedly been banned over twenty times, but just keeps being “allowed” back up. He says he is Armenian, but don’t (((they))) all? He comes across as this crazy, single, older guy, living on benefits in Cali, and totally gone with christinsanity. My only reason for giving this moloch-a-rapture the time of day, is that his cohencidences are just off the chart. He is saying between 6/11 and 6/14 (Trump’s birthday), Seattle will be fake nuke bombed. He doesn’t know the year, but it involves: Trump, Obummer, El-vis, his Pa – Vernon, Rocketman Kim, and a 1977 triplecrown winning horse called “Seattle SLEW,” who won the final leg on 6/11.… Read more »

Reply to  Anthony Roberts
4 years ago

Seattle ( C-attle )

Anyways, he like all internet truthers gets exhausting because everytime Hitler or the Third Reich is brought up they say that they were controlled opposition to bring the Jews and traitors more power. I don’t “trust” jewrassic liars but I don’t hate him either. I remember one time he made a video about the LA news using Roseanne Barr as an actor ( in disguise ) for some random fire or something. And Im pretty sure he was right because it sounded exactly like her lol. In general, he makes pretty good points about how masonic and deceptive the local news/police are.

4 years ago

Erdogan is doing what he is doing because he’s a Mossad agent and quite possibly a Dönmeh jew. A Turk by the name of Ergün Poyraz wrote a book named Children of Moses in which he accused Erdogan and his wife of being crypto-jews that is working for Mossad to undermine Turkish secularism. He was arrested and sentenced to 29 years in prison. Here are further revealing information about Erdogan and his ties to jews and Israel for those that are interested: Erdogan had a jewish classmate named Rafael Sadi who is a Zionist : ” Rafael Sadi promoted Israel-Turkey ties for nearly 20 years and has been a long-time member of the Turkish Community in Israel” Rafael claims that Erdogans ‘anti-semitism’ is nothing more… Read more »

Reply to  Ursa
4 years ago

Just noticed that the link to the video did not work;

Fixed it:

mike angelo
4 years ago

Thanks for a great talk Kyle. It’s really insane that on the loacal radio here it’s suggested that people over sixty should not go on buses or trains in the U.K or to supermarkets. They are thinking of banning all events where crowds would go. I usually go to hot yoga (not Bikram Yoga) and it made me wonder if I should go to it. I listened to an alternative media show on the internet. It had a guest that I don’t particularly like. I only listened to it for the advise on Corona. It advised to buy special rubber gloves and a mask plus to get plenty of food in. I turned the show off. But later it got me thinking about buying a… Read more »

The Good Dictator
4 years ago

I was given the news about the first recorded case of death from covid-19 in the US while I was with friends and when they told me it happened in Seattle I immediately thought: could that be the first place they deployed 5g in the US?! The first result in jewgle apparently implies so. Can anyone confirm? It would clearly be such a cohencidence!

mike angelo
4 years ago

I don’t trust the media at all. In the UK I listen to music on classic FM . But every half an hour the news comes on with it’s brainwashing lies. They add a few more numbers on the cases of Corona. And many people go into panick mode. As I see it China is the polution capital of the world, Wuhan has a biological weapons laboratory and they have 5G. Also theres speculation that corona is a cover story because the banks have caused a recession greater than the last one and corona will take the blame to get the bankers off the hook . Many of the news readers now are non europeans. One example is Trevor Mcdonald a guy from Trinidad who… Read more »

Karen H.
4 years ago

So glad I found this channel again.
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