Solar Storm: Jews Are Committing White Genocide! (8-5-18)

Kyle goes solo for the full 2 hours to discuss the very obvious truth regarding the planned genocide of the White race and how enemy agents want us to stop warning people about what exactly is taking place around the world and who is doing it. Included: a discussion of underdog forces, Whites in South Africa, and Trump’s commie connection to it all.

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Anthony Roberts
5 years ago

I love shows like this Kyle, where you cut through all the BS spouted by jews, agents and some of our apathetics, and give us the simple, clear reality. It’s genocide – it’s Whites only – and it’s by jews! Our folk are stirring, but far too slow for my patience. Every genuine person here has to do more to help. Whatever you are managing to do at present, it is not enough. The time for ” i’ll step up, when someone else steps up,” has long since passed. Write, sing, shout, sell, argue, wrestle, scream and FIGHT!!! Fight, if necessary, for the White children who will be left defenceless on this poisoned plane. PS Names such as: Zundel, Haverbeck, Hunt and McCarthy will be… Read more »

Reply to  Anthony Roberts
5 years ago

Are you sure its only whites, I thought they plan to do this to everyone except maybe China.

5 years ago

People only get sick from meat because the meat is low quality and not organic/ 100% grassfed. If you had a person who was already sick and diseased switch over to a strictly vegan diet they would very likely get sicker. You need the amino acids and protein and b12 from organic grassfed beef. People are more sick from the fluoridated water than anything these days, its completely severing their neuronal connection to their higher consciousness and they are walking around like dull zombies. Its important to have a healthy balance of plants high in essential oils and phenyls along with the highest quality beef you can get. I don’t eat pork either and don’t prefer to eat chicken either but I’m in a struggling… Read more »

Reply to  zak
5 years ago

People get sick from eating foods they’re not designed to digest. Plants like the moringa tree contain all the essential amino acids one needs to thrive. B12 is not found in your beloved “grassfed beef” but is a bacteria found in soil. Both meat eaters and plant based can become deficient in b12 because it is a modern condition. We used to drink from rivers and streams, where this bacteria was abundant. Your beloved “beef” cows are being injected with synthetic b12. How is that natural? Why aren’t they able to get it from the grass? Eating bugs does not = cows eat meat . I too, eat a bug once in a while that I didn’t wash off my lettuce, but that hardly makes… Read more »

Foster XL
Reply to  renegade
5 years ago

I’ve often thought that a really interesting exercise would be to get all the hardcore meat eaters & all the vegans here to send current full body photos of themselves in so we could compare. That might actually result in a few hardcore meat eaters switching their diet though & I hear words aren’t that tasty! 😀

5 years ago

Here are some comments from Fed Ice’s latest “incite hatred against White women (unless they’re Slavic) video. This is so disturbing.

Heathen vegan
Reply to  Sinny
5 years ago

What absolute retardation in those comments.

This over the top masculinity being promoted by red ice and the rest, is literally turning our young men into bongo beating primitives, while they think themselves as cultured intellectuals.

Foster XL
Reply to  Heathen vegan
5 years ago

Most of those comments you see everywhere are Hasbara. The rest are retards.

5 years ago

Love the John Denver music. : ) Was listening to Rocky Mtn High recently and noticed a subtle anti mass influx of people in the lyrics.

“Now his life is full of wonder but his heart still knows some fear
Of a simple thing he cannot comprehend
Why they try to tear the mountains down to bring in a couple more
More people, more scars upon the land”

5 years ago

I believe that in one of the lectures/talks by Dr. Stanley Monteith that is on the internet -google video. you tube, maybe –he attributes the US infertility to Fluoridated drinking water.

5 years ago

“1990 – TRUMP TAKES MANDELA UNDER HIS WING” In 1994 Communist terrorist Mandela was President. Oh, no wonder President Trump stays SILENT whilst White South Africans (especially farming families including babies) are tortured barbarically then murdered, parents first having to watch their children having boiling water poured down their throat and little boys thrown live into boiling water, husbands forced to watch wives tortured with blow torches and irons and gang raped, crucifix jammed down their throat and some disembowled. No wonder Trump REMAINS SILENT on govt sponsored White genocide, on-going right now and he knows about it. No wonder Trump remains silent about the Blacks stealing White land – now – without compensation which is illegal in international and national law. Sanctions on IRAN… Read more »

5 years ago

Great work Kyle ,powerful and empassioned .
Keep it up

5 years ago

Would be great if you could do another show with Tanstaafl at age of treasonzz

George Thompson
5 years ago

Truth but whites are wasting their energies on addressing powerless blacks, Arabs, Indians, Asians, etc. You can’t beat the Jews when you project and vent your anger on the wrong groups. It won’t work.

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