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2 years ago

At the border these truckers are now flying 3 flags, the Canadian,USA and Mexico flags. Looking like the North American Union which is globalist agenda.

Lady Cat
Reply to  Chris
2 years ago

At this point, my litmus test for bullshit is if it’s in the National news, or they made it into a non-fiction movie, it’s a hoax. Anythings that’s really a threat to them, or presents our side in a fair, mature, educated manner, they’d never publicize. They need the violent rhetoric, and other clown optics their assets are told to spew to tarnish these ideas, as a whole. So, for this very reason, we are inundated with the likes of the Spencers’, Anglins’, Dukes, (insert shill) of the world. They’d never bring “Hellstorm” and it’s creators to ANY AONES attention, for example. Anymore then they’d report a real rebellion like that truck thing. Also, we here all know, even if it were real, it’s not… Read more »

2 years ago

They will know their disinformation plan is complete when everything the American public believes is false.

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