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Linda Gallimore
3 years ago

I really appreciate your comments and observations.

Anthon Ritter von Zittadell
3 years ago

This is relevant to our age old struggle against Pharisee Jewish predatory against European people’s… especially children and women

Reply to  Anthon Ritter von Zittadell
3 years ago

So hilarious how they expect us to reject any accusation of Jews committing violence against gentiles out of hand as “blood libel” and proof of Medieval anti-Semitism while simultaneously expecting us to believe THEIR libelous claims about the Holohoax without any evidence whatsoever. The audacity of the kikes never ceases to amaze me.

3 years ago

Not a huge issue, but I can’t get the broadcasting page to load at all on brave. No problems with tribune site. I’m using safari to get to work smoothly here. Asked my friend and he reported the same concern.

3 years ago

Of course drag queen story hour is pushed by useful idiot feminists who work at libraries but funded by a rich jewish family.
This was discovered by a mother’s group against this abuse.
(and it is abuse)

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