The Solar Storm: Scott Roberts – Reaching the Light (6-26-16)

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Kyle speaks to Scott Roberts about his work over the years spreading awareness, the way things have changed over time, problems we face, trolls and subversion, women hatred, controlled opposition, BREXIT, reasons for realistic optimism, and much more. There are plenty of great callers as well.

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Anthony Roberts
7 years ago

Great show, two intelligent voices of reason. Fat apathetic boys: jew coordinated plan. Get Dad out of home permanently. Single mom households – UK highest. Mom does her best but cannot add male component. Junk food, no discipline, ends with him being fat, unhealthy computer game player – anti social. Ripe for jew uni, £40K debt, worthless degree, becomes sjw/homo/trans, doesn’t have children – cycle gets worse. Keep your children away from these jew indoctrination centres! Sacremento: jew daily mail has covered the evil nazi story obviously. 10 hospitalised, 2 with life threat injuries. Vid appears to show around 15:1 ratio outnumbered. Heimbach’s twitter showed picture beforehand; Looked like retards day out to wacky world with homemade costumes and shields etc. Although i salute their… Read more »

7 years ago

Great show. As for women speaking out, I suppose you all heard of the 16 year old German girl Bibi Wilhelm that made a video speaking out against what is happening in Germany, and she was banned from kikebook, but tribute pages are there.

7 years ago

The jew is not intelligent per se. They are scheming, organised and manipulative. Example, someone for years at your company offers to make the coffees for years on end, and pisses in the kettle, does that make them more intelligent? This is the same thing. People know there is something off but do not want to admit the obvious cause because they are too trusting and welcoming. It is EASY to exploit this, they have warped public standards by way of the media and manipulated perception to make themselves look good. They have infiltrated all top positions on their own contrived system lawyers doctors etc. all legal beurocratic bullshit that we have been conned into.

Reply to  Skylgarir
7 years ago

They do not create, they duplicate.

7 years ago

Very good show with Scott Roberts.

Northwoods Tom
7 years ago

Excellent show. Enjoyed Kyle’s and Scott’s enthusiasm and indefatigable energy. Thank you.

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