Solar Storm: Sofia Smallstorm – The Future of Humanity in an Artificial World (9-30-18)

Kyle speaks to Sofia Smallstorm about why she started thinking about the advancement and artificial intelligence and what it could mean for the future of humanity, some of the history of thinking machines, the watershed moments when the world’s best human players were beaten by machine minds, the effort to get humans to treat robots like people, how people can use nature and the supernatural to resist the borg, and much more.

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Anthony Roberts
5 years ago

Outstanding show Kyle and Sofia – thank you both. There is so much to ponder from your superb discussion.

I think we fight this by increasing our humanity as a racial group, with cooperation, community and a higher form of spirituality. We still have the power to reject these machines and learn new ways, using older solutions.

I have always thought that adopting a modern-tech version of the amish, with healthy living spaces, natural foods, social interaction etc, would be a good starting point. A simpler less stressful life.

PS I hand dry the innards of my Bosch front loader after every wash. #Domesticated. #OnlyThreeWashes

5 years ago

Google has an AI platform that’s been made public.

Haven’t had a chance to play around with it yet but it looks interesting.

5 years ago

Great show! This is the issue of our time, and of time to come: nature vs its perversion.

5 years ago

Natures perfection may lie in its imperfections. If AI wishes to win it must first grasp this concept at its core. Its just another version of the big lie. The jew world order trying to reach its destiny with ever bigger lies. Evil can not temper itself and this will be its downfall. AI will only hasten this process.

Reply to  Max
5 years ago

AI is just a tool. It can be a powerful tool in some areas but it is usually limited to one area of expertise. Like the example of the army tank spotting the AI isn’t infallible or all powerful.

Hank Totem
5 years ago

The idea that this technology has been around longer than we know of is obvious. The Giza Pyramids are a good example- the research of John Anthony West & other ancient Egyptian scholars shows us that the those ancient ruins are hundreds of thousands years older than we are told by (((modern scholars))). I have seen “paranormal” things that I can’t explain with words (which is probably why our ancestors used symbols) and as stated in this interview, you move on with your life- yet if you have experienced such events than you surely have been changed by those experiences, both mentally and psychologically & therefore, physically… My belief is that the tech they give us is based & material compared to what “they” have… Read more »

5 years ago

“Rich people” with “no responsibilities” cannot be blissful and neither can “poor people” with no responsibilities, since a relatively “irresponsible” and “irresponsive” state (death being the only 100% irresponsive role), although possible to differentiate from its opposite state through the senses, still, as a position of relative inaction, represents a choice of “states” of being, a move towards lack of movement, a deliberate slowing down, a movement towards consolidation and therefore it is an experiment (calculated moves however subconsciously co-ordinated) looking for a response (state) that hopefully pleases (blissfulness as the f-root of that supposed thesis or t-root, and as long as that experienced “bliss” or state of lack of anxieties lasts, an antithesis to dialectically move towards another possible synthesis, will be avoided). Since… Read more »

Reply to  Negentropic
5 years ago

I usually don’t mind reading long comments, but I scroll through beforehand just to get an idea of the length.
Seeing Terrence McKenna’s face instantly sets off the BULLSHIT meter.
I’ve wasted enough of my time and thoughts on too many CIA agents to be distracted again.

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