Heathen Hof: Avoiding a Hellstorm (9-24-18)

In this podcast HV is joined by Scarlett. They kick off the show talking about Hellstorm, detailing some of the horrifying stories of post war Germany. The conversation takes a few turns, going from the emotional impact to talk of spiritual matters and their importance in dealing with such imagery. They round off the show with a call to action, how we must resist our oppressor of face a fate similar to that of the German folk after world war 2.

Thomas Goodrich’s Site

Hellstorm Documentary

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5 years ago

That was a great discussion, thank you HV & Scarlett. Nothing steels the heart more than Hellstorm and a couple other books like it. These books are mandatory reading.
HV when you read that Roman quote before I though of Hellstorm and how the Russians (mostly the Mongols under the Commissars) would saw a son/father/brother in two if they tried to stop the rape of a loved one.
Black pills be damned, I found great encouragement in the truth of both of your words and with the passion and honesty they were delivered with. The importance of Kyles last shows tie in very well with this show.

Anthony Roberts
5 years ago

A very powerful show. Thank you both for having the courage to get this message out. To see the fate of our folk three to four generations down the line, just look at the “Native” Indian and Aboriginal tribes today. These people have succumbed to the very same poisons that affect us, given to them from the beings that rule over everyone. But up to this point in time they have been surrounded, and therefore protected to some degree, by White folk. The worst case that can be made against us, towards them, is one of indifference. It will not been the same for a minority White population, living in skid-row-type inner city squatter camps, or on designated rural reservations. There will be no Aryan… Read more »

Reply to  Anthony Roberts
5 years ago

The Communist Specter doesn’t give a single caring hoot about the rights of non-Europid peoples, since anti-Europid sentiment is merely one of its tools, that are used to corrupt and then destroy humankind.

5 years ago

I’ve put off watching Hellstorm, TGSNT was bad enough. It will be really depressing so might need to pick a good time. The suffering of the Germans needs to be mandatory study instead of focussing in the bogus 6 gorillion

Reply to  Vegtam
5 years ago

*on (derp!)

Reply to  renegade
5 years ago

And still, there are evil people who absolutely hate my German peoples!! Germany fought for six grueling years against these jewish monsters and their allies, and what did we get? Shit on, time, and time again!! I truly can understand why Germans are sick to death of being blamed for the world’s problems, and kicked around – other Europeans need to step up to the plate and fight the evil jews, but will they? Not many – all I know, too, is that my life, and my family’s lives, were destroyed because of the allied war crimes (for the most part – not including the duration of the Weimar Republic through WWll), and now it is so difficult to talk to older Germans because they… Read more »

Reply to  Lotti von Hesse
5 years ago

Hello Lotti, I have similar feelings. I grew up in Hamburg. My father had moved back from Switzerland after his parents had fled Germany shortly after WW2 (they had only been children at the peak of it). My mother is Swiss-American, so I consider myself 3/4 Germanic. My point is, that this family history always obscured my German roots (I didn’t identify as German, but as American.), so when I finally woke up at age 26, I suddenly understood this silent “weight” that the Germans always seemed to carry. I perceived their souls as “buried” in some way, and everyone was completely cut off from even discussing the topic of WW2 and Hitler. When I was young I once asked a classmate: “Hast du jemals… Read more »

Reply to  Irmin
5 years ago

Sadly it’s not enough to know the truth. We Germans have to go individually through all the family trauma to really grasp our situation and the most disturbing thing is that our fate as Germans is the planned fate of every white people. I grew up in fear of my own folk that I perceived as monsters and that is in itself an eregious crime on top of all the other cruelties my family had gone trough. A part of my family had to flee from Schlesien and it is now for the first time that I can feel what we lost. Things can be to hurtfull to toutch. I found a beautifull poem from Agnes Miegel the other day that describes an other lost… Read more »

Reply to  Elfgard
5 years ago

Yes, Schlesien is one of the subjects I am just starting to approach. My Grandmother’s family also came from the “lost territories” Westpreußen und Posen, so I know this is also a very personal subject for me.
Agnes Miegel immediately found a place in my heart 1 year ago, it only took one poem… Thank you for the link, I will listen to it.

Reply to  Vegtam
5 years ago

I agree with Kyle. I actually watched it yesterday with my 7 year old daughter. I had to pause from time to time to explain to her historical inaccuracies versus what the film portrays (the truth). Took about 4 hours but we finished it. She wasn’t a happy camper and I might have erred in the way of starting her that early but she needs to know what really happened. You definitely need to find the time to watch it, though. 1.5 hours or so isn’t that long in comparison to the bile that Hollywood expells.

5 years ago

This is odd. I had just watched Hellstorm yesterday with my daughter. She’s going to be having nightmares for a while but she needed to see the ugly truth of what happened during WW2. I could definitely tell how uncomfortable and uneasy it was for both Heathen Vegan and Miss Scarlette but I commend both of you for continuing the discussion on these horrific events. The part about the Russians torturing those poor German girls gave me chills and a knot in my stomach. This is coming from someone who had to wake up every morning and gut deer every morning at the local deer cooler. It pains me that these topics have to be revisited but how else will we awaken our folk? I… Read more »

5 years ago

I chanced upon the title of the book Magic for the Resistance by Michael M. Hughes in the PDF of Llewellyn’s catalogue for September and October 2018. The author is the same person behind “the Spell to Bind Donald Trump and All Those Who Abet Him” (and one could guess if it’s intended to be ridiculously distracting or otherwise).

The book has, inter alia, spells for Antifascism (whatever it means), immigration, refugee support and racial justice. Thus, I wouldn’t be surprised, if it leads to incredibly ridiculous phenomena.


Reply to  Esther Bunny Brown
5 years ago

Weiser’s main competitor in the publication of books dealing with the occult and metaphysics, Llewellyn Publications, was purchased by Carl Weschcke in 1961. During the 1960’s Weschcke, who had been elected president of the Minnesota branch of the NAACP in 1959 and vice-president of the Minnesota chapter of the ACLU in 1965, ran the company as a mail-order business from a reputedly haunted Victorian mansion he had bought in Saint Paul, Minnesota, in 1964. Among the books published by Llewellyn were titles such as The Tree of Life, A Garden of Pomegranates, and The Golden Dawn by Israel Regardie, a noted 20th century Jewish scholar of Hermetic mysticism.

wolf GT
5 years ago

Powerfull show HV and co. The last bit (about being left alone if arrested) was moving. Thats the downside to the internet, everyone is far away at their keyboards and expect or hope folks nearby can help. Thats why there is a need to network vis a vis and that´s not easy if you are a truther! A lot of
decade old friends don´t really want much to do with me “Stupid anti Semite”.
Being honest as ever I don´t care too much. When intelligent people refuse to see the obvious truth they might as well be the Enemy. Worse than useless.!

5 years ago

Very moving. Listening to podcast while driving home from work, the description of what happened to the young German girls made it hard to concentrate on the road, feelings of both shock and anger.

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