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Anthony Roberts
4 years ago

By the look of his psycho moloch-worshipping son, Hanks didn’t follow his own advice when raising his ‘chosen’ offspring. Sully Sullenberger would not be proud of that (fake) plane landing.

‘Never again’ must White people wake up to their obvious genocide. The 5G waves of jewish pleasure will make sure nasty ‘anti’ thoughts will never enter your mind. The jew normal.

PS Good show Kyle, but you’ll both be hearing from my lawyer. Copying my ebay ‘Elon Mask’ collection is anti-semitic! See, i pick my victims wisely. Send me your cashed stimulus cheque money, and i’ll let this one go!

3 years ago

That Hanks’ speech was almost as nauseating as hearing Alan Dershowitz speak. Thanks for all you do Kyle, great research.

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