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Juan Betancourt
3 years ago

That Penn Is Very Very Suspect – I’ve Noticed Some ” Things ” With This Character – Yes Penn Is Connected To ” Something ” – & There’s Something Very Dark With This Penn – You Can Pick Up On It After A While – My Theory Is That PENN Is Blackmailed With Something Sinister

Robert Heimdal
3 years ago

Predicting programming comes a long-long way:

‘A 1962 “Life In 2022” Image Depicted Everyone Trapped In Pods’

Robert Heimdal
3 years ago

Is this the real reason why Trump was telling advisers “U.S. should pull troops as Afghanistan COVID-19 outbreak looms”? still hooked to that hopium? I hope you Trumptards out there are happy about these news. Indeed, you’ll get your Bill Gates’ vaccine… very soon.

‘Breaking: President Trump Says He Will Mobilize Military To Distribute COVID-19 Vaccine’ (14 May 2020) by Spiro

‘Trump Mobilizes Military To Deliver COVID Vaccine As HHS/DoD Unveil Massive Contract For “Injection Devices”‘ (05/15/2020) ZeroHedge

Reply to  Robert Heimdal
3 years ago

I’m thinking if this goes full steam ahead then they’ll definitely be picking soft targets first to get as many compliant types poisoned asap. My prediction is that when they try this on the first true patriot types it will end very quickly with anyone & probably everyone trying to administer the vaccines getting shot straight through the face no questions asked! The feeling I get is that there are A HELL OF A LOT of people out there with a HELL OF A LOT of weapons & ammo who have been ready for this for a very long time & they are definitely not going to comply. In fact once the gate is opened they are going to unleash almighty hell on any traitors… Read more »

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