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2 years ago

Always an interesting subject! Thanks for doing this one Kyle. Look forward to listening/watching later.

NeiL Haworth
2 years ago

The rainbow circle reminded me of the 12 zodiac signs circle with the sun in the middle. I don know if it’s possible to form a connection.

2 years ago

Dig the T-shirt, but the rainbow contrast hurt my eyes.

2 years ago

Excellent, I remember this from your old shows was it star Theory or something like that? Got to admit current affairs does require a break to take a look at the plain sight hidden.

2 years ago

When you look at all the movies, the baddies are ALWAYS Whities. One of the movies to use as an example is the movie “Limitless”, there’s a scene where the protagonist gets superb fighting abilities from this drug, and he gets attacked in a subway by.. SUITE AND BOOTED Walls street looking White men… Seriously, this is a theme you see on all movies whenever there is some kind of standoff or bullshit happening. The most UNLIKELY suited White guy is the baddie. Not the drop jaw negro cavemonkey, as is the case in reality. Then again movies aren’t reality, but the fact that the consumer bots lap up the anti White propaganda and turn against themselves through this rasizzum nonsense.

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