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Rob n fl
2 years ago

Alot of Putin fans these days on talk radio rbn rense network I never thought there was so many idiots in the so called truth community. 225 reporters and political cartoonist died or came up missing one comedian just made an ugly puppet of Putin and he was killed yea so Stalin like. And this was all on 60 minutes back in 1999 I guess none of these idiots like David duke seen that episode.

Reply to  Rob n fl
2 years ago

I can’t quite work out what this nonsense is all about. Russia are one of the permanent members of the UN so I can’t believe this bullshit is actually terms of a genuine threat. The only thing I can rationalize is an excuse to yank the domestic living costs up by a massive margin; they always seem to be pushing that envelope. It could be an excuse to start bankrupting the middle classes in the West. Then it isn’t always JUST THAT, there is always some other agenda being prodded along.

2 years ago

until all rothschilds, murdochs, goldmans,sachs,goldsmith,rockerfellers,schiffs and their agencys, like the UN, USAF are arrested and held accountable for mass pollution and destruction of the earth. The earth will continue in its death throes from the jew club organized pollution sprayed exclusively by the USAF in operation indigo skyfold when in march 21st 2025 the earth will be uninhabitable unless you are in a million dollar clean room

Reply to  nekroluma
2 years ago

I doubt that will ever happen. I’m not convinced it WILL ever happen.

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