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10 years ago



You got me in stitches over here, boy-o. Costumes!!!? Wha…?

Thank god for Jimmy keeping you grounded. I love you both. Do what you do and keep spreadin’ that Mantra.

10 years ago

Remind folks to be ASKING anti-whites the questions if confronted. This is central to our M.O.

If Diversity is so grand, then why do you ONLY demand it in EVERY white country, etc…
If America is so “free,” then why aren’t whites free to live and work together?
If America “Celebrates Diversity,” then why aren’t Europeans allowed to immigrate and assimilate?
If America is so “Tolerant,” then why aren’t white countries tolerated?

Are you PRO-WHITE or PRO-white genocide?

10 years ago

The paradox of trying to reach the masses is this:

If you must become/pose as sheep to attract sheep,
they will remain sheep but you may join their herd!

If you have to soften your messages to make it more
acceptable to them, they still are going to be soft.

I, and I bet most of us, have heard the common person say things like:
Why is there BET (Black Entertainment Television) & not a W.E.T.?
Why is there Black History Month and not a White History Month?
These talking points are old and can only lead to endless complaining!

Return of Tyr
Reply to  Damon
10 years ago

“Endless complaining”? Really Damon?

Reply to  Damon
10 years ago

The Mantra is not softened at all its very agressive.
It goes right for the weak spots of the Anti-Whites pointing out their agenda.
IQ discussions or crime statistics dont, they are just details that wouldnt even affect us if there was no massive nonwhite immigration and forced integration in all white countries and only white countries.

10 years ago

From a Scotsman, this is so good to see. By the way Jimmy, you suit the kilt, ye ur wearing it like a true Scotsman.

Kyle, you might like these songs. Isla St Clair singing “The piper at the Alamo” and “Muir of Culloden


10 years ago

The battle of Culloden was not a fight between English and Scottish as portrayed in the media childish narrative. This was a lot more serious. This was a battle to take the British isles back from the jewish control which had taken over. (read “The nameless war” by Captain Archibald Maule Ramsay. A member of the British parliament who spent the four years of WWII in prison for trying to tell the truth about why they were going to war The Jacobites were trying to put a Stuart back on the throne. The first thing a Stuart king would do is close down the jew run bank of England. So, again, like every war since, it was about jewish finance and control. The Jacobites… Read more »

Cat Ruby
10 years ago

Jimmy Marr & wife have started a fresh activism in my Pacific Northwest. We’re ready to replace media attention on degenerates Hippy, Wigger & Panther with a new wave of decent folks, young & old, who hate no one, love their people, and honor their heritage.

I’m comfortable in my white skin…

Thank you Jimmy & wife & keep us posted on upcoming events.

Jimmy Marr
10 years ago

I’m familiar with The Nameless War, Firinn, but thanks for posting the link. It’s excellent. I first read it about a year ago after listening to a reading and review by Alex Linder on Radio Istina.

Good stuff.

Reply to  Jimmy Marr
10 years ago

Magic tae hear frae ye Jimmy. (ahm a Glaswegian). Aye, Archibald Ramsay was on of the many good patriots at the time. A hero… We were beaten by wee timorous beasties (Rabbie knew what he was talking aboot) scammering aboot with deviousness and machinations, getting everybody else to fight their battles. It is brilliant to see you dressed in the kilt like that. I have never dressed in the kilt because I feel it is a Highlanders dress and I am not a highlander, although I originate from the Keith clan, my immediate ancestors are lowlanders (Glasgow). I should not even use the name Firinn because I cannae speak Gaelic, but, but I am Scottish through and through and through. There were many non Gaelic… Read more »

10 years ago

[…] If you don’t know who the “Cide Piper” is, then check out Jimmy Marr’s recent interview on The Blitzkrieg Broadcast. […]

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