The Blitzkrieg Broadcast w/ Kyle Hunt 3-7-14

Hunt for the Truth

Filmmaker Eric Hunt joins Kyle to discuss his latest documentary The Jewish Gas Chamber Hoax and some of his older films. Mr. Hunt uses Jewish accounts of “the Shoah”, scientific data, and other evidence to show the outright lies of the Holocaust narrative.

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Jimmy Marr
10 years ago


I think it’s foolish of you and Eric to doubt that jews were forced to perform theatrical productions for the goyim during the Holohoax. Not only was that true then, but the poor darlings are compelled to continue to producing these fantasies even to this day!

Shame on you both.

Jimmy Marr
10 years ago

That’s the problem jews, as a people, have. They’ve told so many lies, they are constantly compelled to tell yet bigger ones.

Eventually they’ll probably end up telling us “Diversity” is our greatest strength.

No. Wait…

They’ve already told us, as a race, that a jewess gave birth to an amphibious humanoid god who can walk on water.

Inasmuch as that lie is almost two thousand years old and is still gulling millions of kwans today, I have no personal expectations of ever seeing the last days of the Big Lie, which is not to say I don’t appreciate hearing you and Eric talk about it.

I very much do.

The Seeker of Truth
10 years ago

I swear Jimmy, if my outlook on life was have as cynical as yours I would consider it a supreme act of willpower not to cut my throat every morning right after I shaved.

Jimmy Marr
10 years ago

I think you’re right, Seeker. I must be cynical. If I was going to cut my throat, I wouldn’t bother shaving. That doesn’t make any more sense to me than giving a jew a haircut before gassing him.

Jimmy Marr
10 years ago

Seeker of Truth: I will attempt to give your comment the non-cynical response your moniker deserves. That I personally do not expect to see the last days of the Big Lie is not a pessimistic expression when uttered from an ancestral perspective, which is impersonal by its very nature. As a transient manifestation of a vastly more extensive racial organism, my existential awareness stretches for thousands of generations into the past through my ancestors and indefinitely into the future through my descendants. The importance of the temporal phenomena to which I bear witness during my racial watch is immaterial to me on anything but the most superficial level. In short, I’m not here with the expectation of winning anything. I’m here as a genetic representative… Read more »

10 years ago

Even if European peoples kept to or returned to the Norse and other indigenous faiths, and rejected Christianity, organized Judaism would still seek to pervert the culture with political correctness, diversity, and multiculturalism. The doctrines would be corrupted and over time a few Norse Gods and Goddesses would become non-white, such as a black Heimdall. Christianity, and monotheism do not seem to be the problem.

Reply to  Mike
10 years ago

No one wishes to return to anything, but rather to create a new racial paganism borrowing images and symbols from the old. How could you subvert a worldview who’s sole purpose is European racial preservation and attunement with nature? christianity (not necessarily monotheism in and of itself) is the problem. People go to africa, bring refugees here, and support liberalism all under the banner of christianity (those who refer to it as christ insanity don’t do so for no reason). How many former so-called racialists are now born-again christians speaking out against us? Yahweh is a kike in the sky. Fuck christ, fuck yahweh, fuck zion, fuck israel, fuck christianity in all of its forms, and death to the seed of abraham. moses did not… Read more »

10 years ago

Totally agree blutundboden. The vast majority of whites that gave their lives to destroy the third reich, japan and italy thought they were good christians for doing so. Now look at the mess white people are in. The meek are certainly gaining the world these days. Would things be this bad if it were not for christinsanity

3 years ago

Love all your programs. Is there anyway to Find that who is doing the music on your segments. I don’t see it anywhere

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