The Great White North w/ Andy 3-10-14

Tonight on The Great White North, we will take a closer look at the legendary Berserker warriors of olde. Join me as we investigate the who, what, when, where and why of these reckless Nordic juggernauts. Callers welcome and appreciated throughout the program.

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10 years ago

Great show!
Berserkers have always been a weak spot for me.
It was research into these warriors that led me to wodanism which in turn led to my racial awakening. I remember reading something about a warrior who had his hand cut off in battle and used the blood spraying from his stump to blind his enemies.
This link has information on a myriad of different ancient and semi mythical warriorcults who exhibited Beserker like behaviour. in this thread people talk about experiences in their personal life and about raising children who carry the beserkerblood.

Stay strong, Reckoning

10 years ago

Sorry for the jumbled, confused section on the berserker battles. I was not entirely prepared for that part. I will try to cover them more accurately on a future show. I also realize that I did not pronounce alot of the Scandinavian names correctly, and I apologize for that. A few, quick points. Antonio Banderez played a moore in 13th warrior and not a Spaniard as I mentioned. Also, Crispin Glover played GEORGE McFly and not marty mcfly. Hope u enjoyed the show as much as I did. 🙂

10 years ago

Thanks for the show Andy.
I want to add:
The set and setting are fundamentally crucial to every psychedelic experience.
If these warriors were using mushrooms, it was in a vastly different context to what we are familiar with. They did not have the option to curl up in their jammies in front of the TV/computer. They did not have a “normal” life to return to on Monday the way we think of it.
All who are curious should read the Experience Vaults for more insight into this mushroom.

10 years ago

Psilocybin is great!

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