The Blitzkrieg Broadcast w/ Kyle Hunt 8-2-13

The Lord’s Chosen Masters of Cruelty

Kyle has a slew of facts concerning the reality of slavery in our world. Topics include: Jewish domination of human trafficking, Biblical enslavement, Israeli insanity, white guilt worldwide, and more.

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10 years ago

Good Show Kyle.Good Show!

10 years ago

Another needed show for all. Thanks Kyle. “Lucy Chronicles” didn’t quit like the show. She called me an anti-semite on facebook. lol I guess it’s my time to start loosing friends.

10 years ago

Hey man thnx for the plug.


10 years ago

Great show as always Kyle. I appreciate your reading of one of my blog posts. Keep up the good work. The information you guys uncover has helped me in my evolution of knowledge. These kikes and christards are shakin’ in their skivvies.

Reply to  RedPillFactory
10 years ago

Much appreciated. Thanks for your comment. Glad you find the show useful.

10 years ago

Great show Kyle. This may be more related to your show previous to this one, but since you touched on US / Brazil slavery….Just comparing the demographics of the USA and Brazil it would make a lot more sense that the USA was built more with white slavery than african slavery. Even in 2010, blacks only accounted for 12.6% of the US population with the mixed race population being 2.6%. You would think that with the amount of black slaves that we constantly hear about being responsible for the figurative building of the USA, our racial breakdown would be more similar to that of Brazil (mixed/multiracial – 43.1% blacks – 7.6%)

Reply to  chris
10 years ago

Yes, very interesting statistics. Thanks for sharing.

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