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10 years ago

I have to agree with the caller “Bill from Wisconsin “. The white race is in a dire situation that it can’t afford to miscegenate at this time – especially with the birthrates being way down.
All-in-all, miscegenation should only be in rare cases as others (I think Frank or James ) commented on.

Dana, we should catch a baseball game sometime soon.

10 years ago

Hey Dana and friends, great meeting of minds. My 91 year old mom respects all of you and she would like you guys to know that she thinks christianity has been the downfall of our race and it has to go. All of it, all it’s flavours. She greatly respects the legacy of the Vikings and feels we should get back to Viking mentality. She means of course to conquer our destiny because the lands are already there. My mom is a very special women. I really respect the input from James, Bill and Frank. My mom feels as I do that the youth needs your kind of men to lead them in the right direction. I teally do not think that Delaney, Roberts,Anglin,TM,Yeager and… Read more »

10 years ago

Thanks Carmen. I think the world needs more moms like yours!

10 years ago

Brilliant! Good Show!

10 years ago

LOL. Lugh’s “voice of God” mic. He did a good job of not interrupting this week. Great show all-in-all.

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