The Blitzkrieg Broadcast w/ Kyle Hunt 9-23-13

Crushing the Criminal Cabal

Kyle explains how the New World Order is really the Jew World Order, going over topics such as Chabad Lubavitch, Noahide Laws, Jewish attitudes toward goyim, complicit Christians, and more. Also, Jew movies and your calls!

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10 years ago

Thanks kyle, i liked your take on jew type films, I recentty saw a film was released called Jewtopia and the story is about a gentile man who converts to judaism to marry a jewish girl.

10 years ago

Knocked it out of the park Kyle. This broadcast should be a must listen for everyone — especially new converts. Sort of New World Order 101. The religious beliefs of the Neo-Evangelicals — aka the Rapture cult — is very scary. I do not believe in a literal Armageddon but the Rapture Cult does and the Jews know they do. So they will play world events to “Appear” to be the fulfillment of Biblical Prophecy. Thus playing right into the hands of the Rapture Cult. I know this to be true because I am from that camp. My entire family are Christian Zionists desperately waiting for Russia to attack Israel prompting the return of their false messiah. Your information in this broadcast is meant to… Read more »

jOsh in Kentucky
10 years ago

Great show. I remember hearing all this stuff about Noahide Laws years ago but it was nice to hear it again.

As far a jew movies go I’ll never forget seeing Porky’s back in the early 80’s and the dad calling the jew in it names and the jew using karate or something like that to beat his ass. That is the first movie I can remember where they really started pushing it.

Also, was that Angry Aryans you played at the end? It sounded like them.

Reply to  jOsh in Kentucky
10 years ago

Thanks Josh. Much appreciated. That song was “Anti-Heroes – Fuck Hollywood”.

Reply to  Renegade
4 years ago

Wow…..not to nit pick…but how could the Anti-Heroes possibly be mistaken for the Angry Aryans?…

Anyway…great job with this site…everyone involved…..its so life affirming to know that some millennialls are based….cheers.

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