The Might Is Right Power Hour w/ Bill Rhyes 9-24-13

An interview with Craig Cobb. He will fill us in on the latest developments in Leith, ND. Mr Cobb has infuriated the anti-White/pro-White-genocide forces with his plan for a pro-White town (Cobbville) in ND. He will also discuss racialism, Christ Insanity, Creativity, and the fascinating life he has lived. Mr. Cobb will answer questions from callers as well.

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10 years ago

GREAT SHOW with Mr. Cobb. This was the best interview with him I have heard yet – and I’ve listened to plenty. Please try to have him on again. HAIL VICTORY

10 years ago

Bill, this was the best interview with Craig yet. I’m glad you asked him about heathenism, etc. Thanks also for asking him my question. I wanted to call in but my voice is shot.

10 years ago

Super show, Bill. I really appreciate Craig’s comments at 44:11 – he said that people are saying “because he’s older he doesn’t have anything to lose” – but went on to say that its the “particular duty of men in the later decades of life” who have seen the big picture to take action. What he said stirred my soul. I’m 52 and have seen quite a bit, but have only been awakened for about a year now with the racial issue and coming out of Christianity for 25 years. It’s a great encouragement to be fed with a view of reality, in contrast to what Craig says about Christ-insanity as being “anti-reality”. Keep up the good fight and we’ll back you guys at Renegade.… Read more »

Reply to  vinnie
10 years ago

Welcome aboard Vinnie. Klassen didn’t totally cleanse Christianity from his mind & fully awaken to racial realities until later in life. Renegade is reaching people of all different ages.

10 years ago

Hail to Bill for hosting Cobb on this Renegade program. It was good. I hope Cobbs positive movement will inspire whites to rise to power in the breadbasket of the United States, but this effort will require millions of inspired young whitemen, with the endurance of mexicans to bring in crops. Henry Ford was a farmboy, for petes sake.
You cant sustain a megaopolis without food. A Cobbite Lobby needs to be installed at the capital in Bismark, where Cobbite spokesmen could catch the ear of North Dakota parlimentarians and fill it with the positive message and image of Cobbites.
Hail Victory!

Governor of Moon
10 years ago

Very enjoyable interview, I wish mr Cobb all the luck he needs! Time of hiding in bushes are over. We must survive!

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