The European Mind: Systematic Depopulation! (12-9-15)


Today Set is going to discuss major current events and how we can learn to make simple decisions that can wake up our brothers and sisters to systematic depopulation. We will also be talking about different historical esoteric conspiracies of where Europeans came from and what makes our folk different and unique!

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8 years ago

Another great podcast Set. You need to have your own regular podcast, comrade.

8 years ago

Other than Jim shilling for race mixing, and actually thinking that the shit hole of Brazil is somehow great, this was a great show. Glad to have you on the network Set.

8 years ago

Jim Veda to the Colonic Rebel in heavy breathy voice “Look, I am your father!” 🙂

8 years ago

Sinead I NEVER said that Brazil is so great. The point I was making is that a TINY amount of non white DNA could possibly make white people more racially conscious. In every Latin American countries white or near white people are at the top of the heap.

8 years ago

Whites in Latin America mirror Whites in America in the 1980’s (but with less favourable demographics). Sure there are a disproportionate number of gentile Whites in the proffessional occupations, business and politics but it does not mean that they recognise their situation or are perpared to organise for their future collective interests beyond voting conservatives and implictly protecting their economic position.

A difficulty in South America is that the right wing/conservative parties are the ZOG/NWO instruments while what we would call the left wing parties are the anti-ZOG/NWO.

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