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8 years ago

Glad to hear you broke your BRAINWASHING of the RACE MIXING promoting & support of the C. religion 6 years ago . Now I guess you are non-religious & promote only White race with White race reproduction because there are enough of other races on the planet already? Have you considered how you will fix the damage you have done to the White race because of your support for the C. religion ? Is the damage so extensive could you ever fix the damages given your age? You could start by promoting Pre-Christian White race only religions that promote more White race only reproduction & celebrate the 12 days of yule instead of C. & the man in the red suit marketing tool for coke… Read more »

8 years ago

Oh dear Mr White Genocide, why do you keep changing your name? Is it because people are sick of seeing your every comment filled with the words “white race” every few words in a sentence?! Get a life man!!!

8 years ago

It sounds like you have a problem with saying the “White race” in every paragraph , Are you an Anti-White? Actually , ALL White race people need to say “White race” in every paragraph spoken or written because the rich Anti-White race people that control everything through their currency & controlled information medias are trying to convince people (Mostly the young ones) that the “White race” does not exist . We Whites , of the “White race” must counter that message . ONLY an Anti-White would be against saying “White race” , Anti-White Pete .

8 years ago

You need help.

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