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Brion K Baker
8 years ago

Drew you are one of the few, honorable and down to earth people that I’ve heard. I agree with you 100% when you say; ” fuck the rich man”. Good luck in the future. I know you will be a great Dad.

Steven J Lewis
8 years ago

Towards the end it seemed that there’s a delay as some were talking over others. Mainly it was one person talking while Dana was speaking.

Overall it was a fantastic show by Drew. Sad to see him leave even if it’s temporary, but I understand his reason as family comes first.

Congratulations to Drew, his wife, and his family on the upcoming new addition to the family. Hopefully Drew can or will call in from time to time to let us know how he’s doing, how the family’s doing, and mainly how his new child is doing.

You rock Drew and yes of course Renegade Broadcasting rocks. You will be missed.

Steven J Lewis
8 years ago

Oh and one more thing Drew, you’ll make a great father.

8 years ago

You’re a great guy, just do what you have to do. Great bumper song! What’s the name of the band? If the health problem of any of your relatives is cancer, don’t let them see any doctors nor make any chemo therapy, cure them with medicinal herbs and spices, and of course, a good diet. Some alternatives say that a coffee spoon of kerosene or turpentine a day will make wonders, it’s taken mixed with water, and it’s important not to choke, it can be harmful if it gets in the lungs. Talking of euthanasia, it should be an option, an honorable option for sick people in great pain or unable to lead a normal life and without any hope of cure. But the hypocritical… Read more »

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