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8 years ago

Hey Drew, love your shows man. Haven’t listened to this one yet but will be later today. My reason for posting here is because I can’t seem to get connect to the chat room these days (probably my old version of Opera which I refuse to update!). Just wanted to pass on this info which you or one of the other Renegades may wish to touch on in one of your shows seeing as it’s doing the rounds of the news sites at the moment –

Beethoven Was African –

No sheeeiit nigguh! These guys are pretty convinced! Mind you they’re charging for music on the site so almost certainly a “tribal” operation!

Have fun with it 😉

8 years ago

Seconded. Drews shows are always good. Ive been painting /decorating lately so getting through 6 or more podcasts /shows a day.

Great stuff. Very interesting about Jack Sen. I havent got time to compare the voices , but Sen has avery didtinctive South African twang in his voice.

Morgoths Review:

Jack And The Jews

8 years ago

Here’s two video’s you can use to compare the voices of Jack Sen, and “Giacomo Vallone”:

Jack Sen – ‘Is UKIP controlled opposition or genuine Nationalism’

EKP Discussion with Giacomo Vallone and Dr. Kevin MacDonald, Part 2

Sounds like a 100% match to my ears…. I wonder if Kevin MacDonald knows that he was interviewed by the same guy under two different names.

8 years ago
8 years ago

Just the guy being interviewed, not the guy being shown. I used to think that it was him being shown, but reviewing the video it is clear that it is not. The British aspect to his accent is not apparent in this video.

8 years ago

Great segment about Giacomo Vallone of EKP aka European Knight’s Project (Jack Sen of UKIP) and John de Nugent, Drew. My e-mail exchanges with de Nugent over Giacomo’s fuckery on his site and in the comment section of the Renegade Tribune were highly unpleasant. That guy (de Nugent) is full of shit and has no honor whatsoever as far as I am concerned. If you defend the supposed credibility and honor of someone who has unjustly accused a stalwart of our cause (Kyle Hunt) of promoting bestiality, misogyny, the rape of White women and pedophilia then you are a total piece of shit and absolute garbage. You should edit this portion of the show into a youtube video. You could make a good and simple… Read more »

8 years ago

Although similar, Jack Sen’s voice has a tad of a Welsh accent whereas Giacomo Vallone’s doesn’t. To my ears they are not the same person.

8 years ago

I think the voice sounds a bit different as well, it’s just hard to imagine that all the other coincidences are just that, coincidences.

8 years ago

I am disappointd that “Blut und Boden” (heroic fake name; I use my real name, address, phone number and evne often a photo of my house everyitng every day on my blog) has chosen to trash me. I worked hard to end the online feud Vallone-Hunt-BuB, and you, BuB (unlike Kyle Hunt, whose great work on “Hellstorm” I and my girlfriend Margsaret Huffstickler very actively supported with six voices and many blogs) refused to to do your part to end the infighting by taking down your derogatory comments about Vallone. Only the Jews benefit from fratricide, and so while Vallone took down all derogatory remarks about both you and Kyle Hunt, you did not reciprocate, and now you flame on against me. A deal is… Read more »

8 years ago

Hal Turner was out in the open also.

8 years ago

And it’s not meant to be “heroic”, it is ideological.

There’s nothing honorable about talking yourself up for covering for someone like Giacomo Vallone / Jack Sen who has spread lies to the extent that Kyle and that other young guy promote and support pedophilia, bestiality, homosexuality and the rape of White women. That speaks for itself. You are either shilling with Jack or cared more about your site being linked on EKP with traffic and donations in mind. You could make hundreds of dollars a week as a translator, for all anyone knows you do and still beg for donations.

8 years ago

Calling it “infighting” shows how dishonorable and dishonest you are.

8 years ago

I will say, though, that I have very little interest in continuing any sort of back and forth with you at the present time. It would serve no purpose. I was merely expression my honest take on the nature of our previous exchanges in light of Drew’s show. You responded to my comment and now that I have replied I have nothing left to say barring the content of any possible further replies from yourself.

8 years ago

Except for this, “derogatory comments about Vallone.” Nonsense, and I never agreed to anything. I allowed Anglin to remove my truthful comments to a by-then outdated and obscure article about Bonehill that were merely replies to Vallone talking shit and defending Bonehill after I exposed Joshua in said comment section. He felt the need to take the opportunity to defend Bonehill as an excuse to further attack Kyle, Renegade and myself. Weird that you sent Anglin a donation for his “time and efforts” for simply taking down comments that Vallone was butthurt over. Vallone is a piece of shit. Period. You defend him. He is also insane. You don’t care. You were informed of his trolling to sow division between Germans and Poles in the… Read more »

8 years ago

Hear! Hear! BlutundBoden! There’s definitely a distinct odor of cod wafting from Mr de Nugent’s mansion and believe me, you’re not the only one that smells it! 😉

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