The Solar Storm: Nicholas Kollerstrom (6-7-15)


Kyle speaks with Nicholas Kollerstrom, PhD about his new book Breaking the Spell: The Holocaust: Myth and Reality. The discussion involves: his academic interest in the subject of the Holocaust, how it led to him losing his position at University College London, the most compelling and complete evidence for the event being a hoax, the figures most instrumental in bringing this information to light, where he sees the revisionist movement heading, and what could happen as a mass awakening occurs while new laws against “denial” are put in place.

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8 years ago

It’s amazing (enraging really) that in the 21st century we have witch-hunts going on. Thanks to researchers like Dr. Kollerstrom who are motivated simply by truth and honesty, the foundation of the Jewish holocaust fable will continue to erode and weaken and eventually be exposed as the historical FRAUD and $CAM that it is.

Deny the Lie!

Nick Dean
8 years ago

Maybe it’s only amazing, Phil, because we can’t help thinking we’re part of a culture that has gotten progressively more free and scientific for a coupla millennia, because that’s the standard historical narrative. But is it accurate?

I think in fact we’ve progressively lost real freedom and real science as Jewish power has incrementally increased, sometimes surging – with only occasional push-backs.

You look at Göbekli Tepe, the pyramids of Egypt, the Antikythera mechanism, read Aristotle and take note of mere Roman plumbing and you’re in no doubt, those Old White Males were at the very least on the verge of what we call the Industrial Revolution. Our progress, or reversion to past norms, perhaps, was stalled somehow.

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