The Solar Storm: Christopher Jon Bjerknes – Jewish Racism (3-6-16)

Weimar jewish bolshevik

Kyle speaks to Christopher Jon Bjerknes from about the jewish plan to conquer the world, jewish revolutionary movements in Europe, the rise of Communism, the role of Christianity, Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump, and much more.

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8 years ago


You read my mind, for I was going to send you a message and suggest that you interview Christopher. Thanks! I can’t wait to listen to the show.

All the best,

Phil from New Jersey

8 years ago

Samuel Untermyer was a German Zionist Jew. His writings in 1933 are not to be trusted. As to the Zionists getting what they wanted, aka. Israel, we all know that it was not planned by Hitler in the first instance to send them there to the Middle East, but in the end, to just remove them from Germany was good enough. And we know that the war prevented the Jews’ transition to Palestine, being stuck in transit camps and the like.
Hitler warned that the Jews would cause much trouble wherever they went, including Palestine.

8 years ago

Another provocative Bjerknes interview!

In the 19th century, a system of finance based upon labor, and expressed in infrastructure development, was known as the “American System” – details of which Bjerknes mentioned (without attribution) that were used by the Germans to counter Jew financial control after WWI.

A struggle between private central banking and public national banking had ensued throughout that century, unfortunately culminating in the creation of the ‘Federal’ Reserve, which enabled funding not for bridges and roads, but for their destruction in the Kikejew Century of Wars.


8 years ago

Hitler stopped the Communists from taking power in Germany and arguably he forced international jewery to end their global economic crisis phase stalling western destruction. If Hitler hadn’t been there to interrupt their plans Europe would have been doomed and probably North America soon after. They had to do what had to be done to keep the Jews from winning and to pave the way for the 4th and final Reich.

8 years ago

Excellent questions throughout a great interview. However, Hitler developed a militaristic Germany for no good reason? Churchill is saying that Hitler will have a war whether he wants it or notin 1936. Marshall Ridz Shmigley says Germany will have a war whether she wants it or not in 1938. Judea declares war 1933. Surely any responsible leader would prepare his country against all the threats which are all documented. Compared to USSR, did Hitler actually prepare enough?
Surely he fought genuinely against International Jewry but as usual they were able to twist everything in their favor. How could he have for-seen this?

Reply to  Brian
8 years ago

Very good point, Brian. That too irked me. Hitler was not seeking to build “empire” and over the world as the Anglo-American/Jewish propaganda machine said (read: lied) repeatedly. I forget where I read this, but Hitler stated he did not become Chancellor of Germany to preside over a wartime administration.

8 years ago

Jon gives Us an amazing panorama of History and how the Jews influenced it! The only thing I beg to differ with him is on Hitler! In his book St. Einstein, He states that Hitler and the Nazi’s were a Jewish front to demolish Europe!

Reply to  Drew Carter
8 years ago

That’s my “beef” with Bjerknes too. IF Adolf Hitler’s National Socialist party received funding from Jewish donors, as Christopher contends, that doesn’t mean that they were in Jewry’s back pocket. IF they receiving Jewish shekels, Adolf Hitler certainly out-jewed the Jew and used those funds to advance a pro-Aryan political movement.

8 years ago

knowing the treachery of Jews and then using a Jewish resource for condemnation of Hitler ie Untermyer ,is strange and illogical. Otherwise a very interesting look at Jewish supremist ideology.

Reply to  deborah
8 years ago

That too bothered me. Sutton’s book is not a book to put your faith in as gospel. If you want to read a book or article about Adolf Hitler’s rise to power, read material from Leon Degrelle, a man that was there.

How Hitler Consolidated Power in Germany and Launched A Social Revolution – The First Years of the Third Reich By Leon Degrelle


Deanna Spingola and Gerhard Strauch – How Adolf Hitler Consolidated Power and launched his Social Revolution

8 years ago

Anthony Sutton’s work laid the foundation for this idea that Hitler was working for the bankers. Many researchers have unfortunately accepted this notion simply based on the fact that Germany and Hitler initially had ties to the international central banking sytem. What they forget is the reason why we had WWII was because Hitler and Germany broke those ties. If Hitler was a puppet; Why did he go to so much trouble to lift the ancestral German spirit? Why did he give speeches warning the German people and the world about the international banking system and the threat of communism/globalism?
Great to hear CJB on the Solar Storm.

Reply to  Pajo
8 years ago

Take what you read in Sutton’s book with a grain of salt. Hitler working for the bankers is pure b.s. If he was, there wouldn’t have been a second world war.

8 years ago

Wall street and the rise of Hitler Anthony C Sutton. I have the book and don’t want to share it when it seems that it is not factual. Give it to a library ?
As Scott Roberts points out seeing the big picture is a process. Still, should look into who he worked for. thank you Pajo for the reminder.
thank you renegade

8 years ago

If Hitler was “funded” by the international jewish banking cartel – then why on earth would he elect to completely sever ties with the international jewish banking cartel and have Germany operate under its own National monetary system? Right – he wouldn’t. Germany would have kept using jew-created “money” and all in Germany would have remained enslaved to the international jewish banking cartel. The guest cited Untermeyer as the source for his bogus info about Hitler. Untermeyer was among those who hated Hitler the most.

Ron Vibbentrop
8 years ago

Excellent show gents – thank you.
Interesting article here re: the Jewish-owned Empire Windrush ship (ex Strength Through Joy) bringing into the UK the first West Indians in 1948.

Hollywood Denier
6 years ago

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