Solar Storm: Cybernetic Solutions for the Human Holocaust (9-2-18)

Kyle speaks about a number of issues related to robots and AI, including the military applications, robocops around the world, job replacement, the UN’s UBI agenda, centralized computer control, sex robots, Philip K. Dick inspiring the Terminator movie and more.

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5 years ago

“You think you’re better than this robot? What are you, a humanist?”
Essentially the technological advancements of the past 100 years have happened in the expense of malgenics and degradation of humanity.

Reply to  Yrton
5 years ago

This little piece on Physis and Techne is worth a read.
We have been on the wrong track a long, long time it seems.

5 years ago

Even the first time I’ve heard about an ‘universal basic income’ I thought it might be a terrible idea no matter how much technology we have, as someone who knows a little bit about economics. Unfortunately a lot of people will still believe anything authority figures, like Mark ZuJEWberg and E-LIES Musk who both have promoted UBI, say simply because they’re ‘great’ entrepreneurs (more like people who have stolen others’ ideas and use the government to help their companies.) But there are some smart enough to realize what it probably really is:

Also, would it be possible to shoot the robocops, or would guns be confiscated before they come around?

Reply to  Caisee
5 years ago

We can only hope that it doesn’t come to that but unfortunately, whatever ZOG wants, it tends to get. I was hoping that the 3D printers might be of some help but some folks I work with have a little exoerience with them and claim the accuracy and capacity is a bit off. My grandfather has been teaching me to use his lathe. It’s a great machine. In regards to robocops confiscating weapons, I’ve tried time and again to explain it to my right wing relatives. When an LEO from whatever level of the hierarchy visits them to get their guns, will they still Back the Blue? They will more than likely give up their arms because their sensibilities will be lost. They’ll be in… Read more »

5 years ago

You mention harvesting souls in wars. It seems all god are essentially vampires. Odin sets warriors up to die in battle so they will die an go to become Einherjar and fight in ragnarok. Ahura Mazda has humans incarnate from being Fravashis to fight evil on Earth.

5 years ago

So was Sophia in full burka?

Reply to  Sencha
5 years ago

Lol – that’s a good one, Sencha

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