The Solar Storm: Fernando Cortés (5-17-15)

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Kyle speaks with Fernando Cortés, who was the MC at the recent International Identitarian Congress in Guadalajara Mexico. Topics include: a review of the conference, how Mexican and American nationalists can find common ground, how mass migration from Mexico to the United States is negatively impacting both countries, how Mexicans are radicalized by groups like La Raza against White Americans, some racial history of Mexico, and how the “chosen” fan the flames of racial hatred to further their own agenda.

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9 years ago

Interesting , It sounds like the Rich Anti-White world controllers are pushing their race mixing agenda on other Almost Pure races that don’t want it . Maybe they pushed too hard & are starting to get a backlash from other races as well . Of course we will never hear about it through the Rich Anti-White controlled media.

9 years ago

Good interview. Very interesting take on Mexican and Spanish history. Awaiting the International Identitarian Congress event website.

9 years ago

This was a good show. What does Fernando think about the historical accuracy of Mel Gibson’s film “Apocalypto”? As cinema, it was absolutely incredible. I’ve been a film buff all my life and I’ve seen a lot of great films but I had never seen a pure historical action film shot in the original language that worked on a mythic and poetic level for every minute of its running time. You really felt like you had stepped into another age. And that final scene, when the hunters and hunted reach the shore and see the Spanish ships and completely forget about what they were doing, and stare in utter astonishment, is maybe one of the ten or twenty greatest scenes in cinematic history. Randy Quaid… Read more »

9 years ago

Interesting talk. I think we really need something like the foreign volunteers of Waffen SS again or like a world nationalist/international. I did not know Mexicans would go to USA college and join Skull and Bones and then go back to sell out their own people to the Jewish Supremacists. As for Freemasonry if more of us became Freemasons we could shift the pardigm and get people to see forced internationalism is the worst type of supremacy. If we don’t it will become a vehicle for the Abrahamic supremacists.

9 years ago

Sergei Eisenstein: Que viva Mexico! (1931)

Looks like he used some of the same lenses Kalatozov used in the incredible film “I Am Cuba,” shot some some 30 years later in Castro’s Cuba as an anti-capitalist propaganda film which was then banned in the USSR itself.

9 years ago

Really great show, thanks Kyle!!!

Btw, here’s another great sounding band that are using a strong sun theme in their music – Pyramaze. I don’t know anything about them but just 5 mins ago saw they’d put out a brand new album called “Disciples Of The Sun”. Here’s the official video posted only a week ago –

9 years ago

Another brilliant and informative interview. Well worth listening to more than once!

9 years ago

He still seems unsympathetic to White Americans though. Yes we get capitalists and Zionists are pushing for mass immigration but that should not excuse the bad behavior of Mexicans in America. He says to not focus on that. Really?

Fernando Cortes
9 years ago

I respect Mel Gibson a lot, Apocalypto was a good movie, not entirely accurate since for example the Aztecs were not that close to the beach, but in general good movie. JD, whenever I go to the USA, walk around a Mexican neighborhood and see people spitting indoors, throwing trash on the floor, acting hostile towards people, I fell like smashing them through a window. When a few seconds later I realize they are Mexican, I feel like smashing them through a window, picking them up, smashing them through 8 more windows, and throwing them into the trash, the fact that they are Mexican makes it even worse for me, it is EMBARRASSING. If you as an American did that, I would feel you are… Read more »

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