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9 years ago

One of your last callers around 2:01-2:07 or so made a very good point about talking to Anti-White mediators that want to help our White race preservation causes. IMO based on my long life of interacting with those types of people , the threat level to you or people you care about go’s up 50% + because it is a proven TRUE FACT that just being around these types of people (Without doing or saying ANYTHING) draws in other Anti-Whites that are not so friendly or credible or smart /wise thus, YOU personally get exposed to them as well as others around you. My point , Why ruin your life to possibly get a few converts to your views , its not worth the risk.… Read more »

9 years ago

Great show! This Drew & Dana combo was a really great listen and, as a fan, I think it would be awesome if Joe and Kyle joined the ‘table’. Kind of like in the beginning of Renegade but than with the new and improved Rene-gangsters 😉

Thanks for your efforts gentlemen.

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