The Solar Storm: Going the Distance (10-4-15)


Kyle discusses what it takes to keep struggling until we achieve victory. You might get tired of fighting an uphill battle, going toe to toe with an extremely powerful foe, seeing setback after setback throughout our history, but we must keep our eye on the prize and be willing to do what it takes to see our mission through to fruition.

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8 years ago

As usual, Kyle has a realistic and balanced perspective on the problem. When you look at the overall issue – it’s clear that a group is working together to implement their agenda. Agenda items include: destroying racially White homogenous areas and disarmament. The “debate” – if there is any debate – is over whether or not these things are “naturally occurring events” … or engineered events. Nothing in Politics is an “accident”. Long ago, it was understood that if you can control what people think and “believe” – then you have de-facto control over the people’s actions. This is why – and this is how – you are being manipulated. The big weapons being trained upon you include media. Faked and Staged “news” events are… Read more »

Memory Hole Comment
8 years ago

What gets me about anti-Obama conservatives and the alt-right is their refusal to think that this evil creep is capable of manufacturing staged events. After a typical mass ‘shooting’, conservatives and the alt-right take to Twitter and their blogs to blast Obama and his ilk for trying to take people’s guns. They never look a bit further than pure politics to even consider that these ‘shootings’ are very convenient for Obama & Co. and may be orchestrated. They also attempt to seek out “heroes” who stopped or attempted to stop these events. In this way, they are much like their enemy counterparts on the Left. Conservatives and the alt-right still use the Boston bombing (obviously fake to anyone with half a brain and eyes, and… Read more »

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