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8 years ago

Friend says “we’re all on the same team” – in reference to voices speaking (allegedly) on behalf of White people.



Newsflash: This “Movement is HEAVILY INFILTRATED by jews and proxies.

Do some research into how “Opinion Shaping” operations work.


To deny that infiltration exists is more than mere naivety. Much more.

8 years ago

Hi Tom, who specifically is an infiltrator, and how do you know for sure? Please provide solid evidence and specific names. I don’t doubt your claims, but I like to have solid proof and evidence before I make strong accusations.

8 years ago

“Newsflash: This “Movement is HEAVILY INFILTRATED by jews and proxies.”

Name the infiltrators instead of making generic accusations. I don’t doubt those maggots exist but we need to know who they are.

8 years ago

I think Pat/Tom needs to become a host. I’ve offered for him to come onto my show after he disagreed with what I had to say, but he wouldn’t do it. So I think he needs to become a host. After all, he’s so right in everything he says, even though he has nothing to offer in substance. Hey Tom, how about you come onto my show and discuss the many conflicts you have with the Renegade hosts, but never fully explain. That way we can assess whether you qualify to be a host or not. Judging by how correct you are at all times without substance or proof Tom, I dare say that you already qualify. So how about it Mouth? Ummm, errrrr, I… Read more »

8 years ago

Hi Shaun , I appreciate all the hard work you guys have done, its has paid off. I wanted to ask you some questions on “calling in” “broadcasting” etc and what kind of off the shelf equipment does one need to call in. Cell phone dont really sound that good. Skype always seemed to work the best. Any ideas ?

8 years ago

I also notice from my laptop I can down load all the mp3s but from the Android, you cant. Or they make it very difficult for you to take it on the run. You cant always have a connection to listen. Since I rebroadcast, having the mp3s on the go makes it much easier.

Lawrence Forthright
8 years ago

This is a war for the hearts and minds of the European folk. As it is war, with the end result being the extermination of the European peoples, one must ask what lengths the enemy is willing to take to achieve said goals. If an individual becomes popular within the movement, they will be targeted. Let me say this again. An individual who becomes popular within the White movement will be targeted by multiple agencies, including police, intelligence, political etc. These targeted individuals will either be neutralized (murdered, jail) or they will be ‘turned’. The methods at hand will either be conventional (honeypot, electronic harassment, false accusations or some other such method to influence the mind and actions of targeted individuals) or via occult methodology… Read more »

8 years ago


What these websites and radio shows are is a Counter Narrative to the Liberal NWO from a Pro-White, generally ‘Jew-Wise’ perspective. The intention of course is to inform as many people as possible to so the political goals in the interest of those of European herediatry can be sufficiently supported.

John Abel
8 years ago

Great show fellas. It’s nice to hear you stand your ground on the “no planes” theory. I’ve gone back and forth a couple times on it, but in light of the absolute slam-dunk facts surrounding all these mass-shooting “movies” we are being fed, I’m inclined to believe that 9/11was just another in a long line of theatricals, produced by the media and the government for the purposes of mass mind-control. After all, wouldn’t that be the easiest, simplest and most economically feasible way to pull it off? There’s no doubting the fact that so many holes were left open, that would have been filled with physical evidence we all would have seen had there been planes used. Namely, BIG F**KING PIECES OF AIRPLANE FOUND AT… Read more »

Robert Heimdal
8 years ago

I can understand people’s enthusiasm with Donald Trump but for the moment it’s all words-words-words. He still has to put his big money where his mouth is. By the way that question on differences between Donald Trump and Ron Paul by that caller was pretty legitimate, who’s going to stop the Elite from terminating Trumps’ candidacy as they did with Ron Paul’s Republican candidacy at the very end of his campaign in favour of cuck supreme Mitt Romney?

I don’t know. Stating ‘Trump is going to win’ so openly sounds a bit naive in my opinion (at least for the moment). If Trump is for real (which has not been thoroughly demonstrated yet) I hope I’m wrong.

Ron Vivventrop
8 years ago

Good show guys. There’s a very good chance that more and more ‘truthers’ (9/11 and more…) will make their way over to a ‘right-ist’ point of view in due course when they get exposed to those researchers who refuse back off on the deeper conspiracies (WWII/Holohoax truth etc. attracted me), so anyone who is promoting the official version of 9/11 is not doing themselves or anyone else any favours by promoting this government-hugging crap. (Have they done ANY online research in the last 14 years? Have they even heard of media like Red Ice Creations?- some of those on the Millennial Woes hangouts hadn’t, but were very reverent towards Greg Johnson etc who called conspiracy researchers ‘retarded’ or similar.) Seems like some of these wilfully… Read more »

8 years ago

Well said John Abel!

@ Robert

Donald Trump and his supporters are going to stop the Elite from terminating Trump’s candidacy, that’s who! 🙂

I stand by my prediction.

Robert Heimdal
8 years ago

Well… I will remind you of it when time comes 😉 We’ll see what happens.
Good radio-show by the way.

8 years ago

So are we going to hear rabbi Eli James and Texe Marrs on Renegade now? I hope not.

8 years ago

A Christian John is, as far as I know Steven, but this doesn’t take away from the fact that he is still a White Western Civilised Man, that has much to say about the crap going on in our countries today. And hey, did you hear him preach kumbaya at anytime during the broadcast?


I think he has as much to offer the network as any other host here and should he ever go beyond that which you agree with, there are other shows here to listen too.

Cheers for listening.

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