The Solar Storm: Willem Felderhof – Confronting The Genocidal Agenda (7-15-18)

Kyle speaks with Willem Felderhof about a variety of topics: his experience as a pilot and how planes are harming pilots and passengers, organizing the Open Mind Conference, 9/11 fading into the background for many, overcoming apathy, jewish involvement in Dutch history, the White genocide agenda and the controlled opposition to it, the reality of no-go zones as government-orchestrated alien anarchy descends on the people of Europe, and more.

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6 years ago

Mark ‘order followers are more culpable than order givers’ Passio. Either highly deluded and off on an illogical path or, more likely, still adhering to the satanic ideology. Advocating no government and constantly discussing police brutality (and in essence retaliation against the police which would at this time lead to social chaos). I did go through his podcasts some years ago and he is a universalist and globalist (no mention of the distinction between peoples; in fact pushes the idea that people are a blank slate). Mentioned a book called The End of All Evil which opened with the phrase ‘culture is your cult’? So the best of Western culture is a cult and therefore dismissed out of hand. A slave to abstract and dangerous… Read more »

6 years ago

One of the main problems we face is that the invaders love government. They are all flocking to white western countries because they are promised order and stability in the form of free food, housing and everything else white western civilization offers. These basic things their ”leaders” cannot offer them, and whether it’s IQ or just a total lack of motivation, they cannot provide for themselves either. Aryan’s on the other hand, as Willem and Kyle mentioned, detest large government, and prefer local, small leaders to take control, protect their communities and look out for the collective best interest of the cohesive group. The more we are outnumbered by government loving morons, the sooner French/Haiti/Bolshevik Revolution begins again everywhere. I mean, we’re already in it… Read more »

Reply to  Amber
6 years ago

In short, the non-Europoid people have become playthings for ideological possession by the communist specter, to borrow the description from the Epoch Times.

6 years ago

There’s apparently a great culling of trees in the UK, Sheffield is one place and Ian Crane linked it with primary documents to the 5G rollout. I noted a culling on interstates where I live that seemed not to add up to reasoning given. More than anything, the loss of trees en masse to me spells the descent into a judaic hellish dystopia, of course it’s the antithesis to the forest life of our folk. It’s good to hear a European’s perspective, thank you Willem, you are very knowledgable. I always wondered why Amsterdam was so degenerate. I saw a documentary on a Dutch girl with anorexia who died at end, and that to me is suicide and I wonder if there is a mind… Read more »

Tony Swiss
6 years ago

I live in Russia for 8 years, denied the holocaust (read the law, nothing in there about holocaust, and nobody has been prosecuted for that law unlike Western Europe), criticized Putin, many people do that publicly, total porkies about people getting bird for that. Stick to the facts gents.

Foster XL
Reply to  Tony Swiss
6 years ago

You could be anyone just making that up on the spot as far as we know so those mere words mean sh*t to me. Please provide bona fide citations of the actual wording in the law as proof before we can even start to take you seriously Mr Anonymous commenter. Links to the complete wording rather than badly translated trimmed out snippets please. Without this your whole argument is mute & a complete waste of time & space.

6 years ago

‘Ethnic cleansing’ has always sounded to me like something cooked up at Tavistock, like ‘collateral damage’ to make it sound softer than what it is – killing people.

Reply to  renegade
6 years ago

Good point, to me, white flight makes it sound like white people are scared of non-whites, the ‘flight or fight’ response, and are fleeing. It’s usually just that the area deteriorates and whites want to live in a nice place. But yeah, grooming (predatory stalking), gentrification (fixing up an area, making it livable) other examples. You and Sinead made me rethink brainwashing – another one that sounds like it’s being purified, like ‘ethnic cleansing.’
(edit: of course there are times when whites are scared for their lives and move if they can).

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