Truth Hertz: Adonai, the Hebraic Hijacker of Helios (3-29-18)

Charlie continues the discussion on Aten aka Adonai, and the Hyksosian plan to subvert the gods and people of many nations through centralized government and monotheist religion.

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6 years ago

Please PLEASE caller Stephanie (Mushmouth) either get your shit together before you call in or stop calling in. Charlie’s time is valuable, YOU are wasting it! My God in heaven do a little research for yourself, you sound like a barely linguistic 12 year old asking why the sky is blue! Kyle, I am sorry, I do not have an email at this time. It used to be 1awake@hush,com but I lost it. I will be forced to call the show to confront this ridiculous narcissist. Quit taking Charlie off point! What is that language you are speaking?Slobbebonics?

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