Renegade Roundtable: Richard, Frank, Chris H. – Weaponized Art, Music Theory & Philosophy (3-31-18)

Richard Karolkiewicz hosts this Roundtable.  We consider how much of our art has become relatively weaponized in regard to symbol and message.  Music theory and philosophy are considered.  We discuss some of the affects various eras have had upon music and art.  The influences of the entertainment industry are likewise considered.  We take a call from Frank, who shares some interesting insights on the topic.  Chris H. also joins the conversation with some complimentary perspectives.

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Anthony Roberts
6 years ago

Like all their weapons, jews have used music to destroy the White family unit; especially after cattle slaughter II. It’s the pied piper effect. Elvis, Beatles and Led Zep were obviously talented folk, but willing dupes nevertheless. Lennon was double-played after the McCartney replacement at the end of ’66. No touring, and the 3 becoming session musicians from ’67. Once his “one love” message was out in the 70’s, they soon offed him. “Imagine” that! Same story with Coldplay and their alphabet sex-filth promotion today. Catchy becomes sick. CIA/tavistock came up with the blueprint of mind control through sound & emotion; then they just have to tweak it for every new (de)generation. They hook our youth with natural wholesome things like romance, happy life or… Read more »

6 years ago

Where’s Kyle? Is he ok yet from his brush with the flu? Or whatever.

6 years ago

Wot the F?! All our base are belong to nyanyoo? Nyanoo on every day as a host!! Have the mossad got round to Renegade?

6 years ago

Awesome “April Fools”. 😁 I actually thought Renegade got hacked. My comment is directed @ Frank. I guess I enjoy your commentary double. You are so much more mild mannered on CG’s shows than the previous Round Tables (Pizza-Gate) I thought you were a different caller.

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