Truth Hertz: Battling Bolshevism & Polish Provocations (8-9-16)

tienda judía

Charles takes us through the Weimar Republic as National Socialists battled against Communists, then into the troubles with Poland over disputed territory, and how Poland’s refusal to negotiate made war inevitable.

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7 years ago

Weimar is pronounced Veimar btw.

7 years ago

Germany has not paid one cent in reparations for WW2. It paid lots of money to Jews and enemy states since, yes, but reparations can only be paid once a peace treaty is signed and the terms of reparations are defined.

In the current Federal Republic of Germany Allied trust organization, there is simply no basis for reparations, legally. All money extorted are “voluntary contributions” and not reparation payments, which are finite and defined.

7 years ago

There are no good jews. Gilad Atzmon is a piece of filth. Google “The Myth of the Good Jew: Why Gilad Atzmon is Irrelevant”.

7 years ago

Yes, I continue to listen to Potty Mouth CG only because I had already downloaded his shows while I was under the misguided assumption that his “notes” were of value to us…. Not once during this show did he bother to recommend his boss’s great film HELLSTORM which describes the tragedy inflicted upon the German Nation by the “tribe”….in a hell of a lot more accurate detail than his poorly researched and undocumented “notes”. AS IF he is the ultimate source for this part of history. NOT Listening to his parroting of the “tribe’s” denegration of the Great German Leader, I can only conclude that his “notes” are NOT the greatest source for us to refer to when trying to learn and understand what really… Read more »

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