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7 years ago

if you see Plato as the false prophet of revelation ( as i do ) then the roman catholic church was built on freemasonry. Plato’s number 6x6x6 exposes the secrets of freemasonry with dilligent googling.
you can forget all that 3rd rate catholic history , the priory nonsense etc
and go straight to plato
I’m a ‘bible dupe’ , a christian youre trying to insult catholics who dont tend to read the bible. The masonic influence in the roman church are passed off as paganism by priests. Not christians. I lasted 1o minutes into this bile disguised as a radio show. Good riddance

Reply to  dave
7 years ago

The use of numbers in the Bible is interesting. Adam or Adm in Hebrew has a numerical value that reduces to 9. The measurements of the Temple is given in cubits which is 18 inches, so no matter what the dimensions it always reduces to 9. In John Jesus told the disciples to cast their net to the right side and they caught 153 fish, reduces to 9. In Revelation 144 000 are saved, again reduces to 9 and of course the 666 reduces to 9. Adam is not a reference to one man but means mankind and is a reference to consciousness of mankind, either lower consciousness or higher consciousness and the true Temple is the body which houses consciousness. The whole book is… Read more »

7 years ago

Roman catholics are not christians.
Newsflash we had a protestant revolution which created the new world

7 years ago

The Bible discussion is sooooo boring, so wildly speculative. No one is sure where Obummer was born or who his father really was or what his dreams really were, but everybody and their brother knows all about Jesus’ personal intentions and alleged life with Mary Magdalen and will debate their speculations to the death. Arghgh. Let’s give the 2000 year-old Book of Adult Fairytales a rest:

Read Eustace Mullins’ “The Biological Jew” in which
Mullins draws conclusions based on Nature — on mutations, on mimicry, on predator and prey:

Reply to  Oona
7 years ago

Maybe, but its entertaining to me.

1 year ago

forget about about it, capish? dave your done charlie destroyed your whole world view ahaha capish?

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