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free your mind
7 years ago

Great warning label, you might want to add cannabalism. There are numerous Yahweh directives regarding cannabalism. Yahweh punished his own chosen by starving them to the point of cannabalism. This podcast relayed expanded knowledge, presented by a gifted teacher. It is painful that after 2600 years this book is still demanding our attention. Those with the passion to sincerely feel that pain and yet research deeply and deconstruct the history, are of great service to life on this planet. I recognized the bible as a fake at age six, although feeling inside, this world isn’t all that exists. Being surrounded by those whom believed or were afraid not to believe in the bible, I was told it was a sin to question its supremacy. (punishable… Read more »

7 years ago

It’s Judaism that is Judaism that is evil. Yahweh that is Judaism that is evil. Satanism has nothing to do with evil. When will people stop calling Judaic rituals Satanic?

7 years ago

I have an appropriate link I just found. How the christians are and were slowly destroybg our European heritage and Story. I think I am on route to joining you on my own christian excoriation after watching this video.

Killer of Trolls
7 years ago

Jews have zionist Christians by the short-hairs. When are people gonna wake up to these scumbags.

7 years ago

My favorite coffee shop has hired a couple of tribe members and now the has a ‘Hate Free Zone’ note on the wall by the register. So now, instead of concerning themselves with good product and good service, I guess, the baristas will now be ‘Behavior Police’. Do they really think the buying public want their baristas to be behavior police, or opinion police??? Sadly disappointed..

7 years ago

I can see logic of putting a goring ox ‘on trial,’ it could amount to investigating into whether or not it was an unusually dangerous and aggressive animal that was mad, etc. and should be put down. The real point IMO is this law was plagiarized from Plato.

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