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free your mind
7 years ago

What is so astounding as well as frustrating about Zio-Christians, is that even when presented with enormous info regarding the inflitration of Jew ideology upon our Western governance, they simply can not make the connection. I recently shared info regarding the number of Jews who were in Bill Clinton’s adminstration, and the responce was, “Please don’t start pushing the Jew thing again; I’ll only glaze over and shut down. So there are screaming SJW-type Jews hating Trump and crying anti-Semitism. There’s a shock. Meanwhile, Bebe Netanyahu issued an elated video congrats to Donald Trump in which he clearly could barely contain his glee. Liberal Jews (a sizeable number for sure) are progressive liberals and that’s their religion. Right along with their goy cronies.” This is… Read more »

7 years ago

good show. i been learning alot on renegade and still learning, thanks for your show and to Kyle and everyone at renegade. sharing it on facebook hope you dont mind

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