Truth Hertz: Conclusion of the Hittite Takedown (7-25-18)

Charlie discusses the tried-and-true template the Heebie Jeebies have used to take down Bronze Age culture after Bronze Age culture and how some of the same methods are being used today.

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5 years ago

Here’s the video of the Torah scrolls with the inverted pentagram. I’ve also posted another link below that claims at least one of the scrolls looks like a fake/forgery.

Allison MacPherson
5 years ago

C.G. bears the pain, so that u don’t have to, for this is what all genuine artists do. You just have to sit back and be enlightened. We currently dwell In the physical realm of energy, wherein organisms eat each other. The Hebrews made a religion out of eating the perceived opposition. This included everyone not in their tribe. It is the definition of irony that those who self-identify as Jews, given their spiritual literature, make a ploy out accepting “other”. Unfortunately there are enough entities on Earth who function on mass consciousness to accept programs presented, unquestioned. C.G is so f’kin funny, (those voices!) that is why he can make very painful truths heard. Peace and the highest good to all those who dare… Read more »

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