Truth Hertz: Criticizing the Christian Cult (12-16-16)

Charles deals with one of his favorite subjects – Bible dupes. He talks about how Christians call everyone else a cult, but refuse to acknowledge they are in a massive cult, by definition.

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Nat Young
7 years ago

Eliminate the excessive critical commenting and the obsessive compulsive disorder behind it.

7 years ago

I find the swearing quite refreshing actually. It is a break from the day to day self censorship we all are surrounded by. If you can’t swear about subject matter like this, when CAN you swear?

Reply to  Jmcaul
7 years ago

If you’ve been listening to Charles for years then you’ve been listening to years of him swearing but still you listen and then whine that he swears. This is why people like me who see comments like this think people like you are actually fucked in the head. The fact that you can’t even see why we would think that proves we’re right! Listen dude, it’s really THIS simple – either keep listening and STFU or don’t listen. Why can you not just get that?

Reply to  Jmcaul
7 years ago

If you can’t swear about this mess what CAN you swear about??!!! If swear words were made for anything it’s this fraud.

4 years ago

Words alone can never say how much I appreciate you Charlie. You don’t just poke around this vitally important subject, you rip it wide open and expose it for the mind controlling monstrosity that it is. Love you ❤️

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