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Leila Abdelmeguid
8 years ago

Also, it should be noted, Elisa Lam was Asian… just like the characters in the original “Dark Water” film.

RIP to her… what a horrific crime.

8 years ago

Unbelievable stuff. Its clear that Hodel (?) was a tribe member, but I was wondering how are you sourcing that the serial murderers, like Dahmer, Gacy Ramierez are also of the tribe? Its obvious that Berkowitz is tribe, but Dahmer is not German ? I thought one of the most interesting serial killers was The Iceman or Richard Kuklinksy who was a Polish hit man for the mob, the guy actually had some heart left in his interviews. Because he wasnt “made” he had no allegiance to anyone. He almost single handley wiped out the mob hierarchy. Or at least put a dent into the syndicate. Him and the tribe doctors probably wiped out the mob lol. You really dont hear about them anymore. Tribe… Read more »

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