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Anthony Roberts
3 years ago

Anthony Quinn Warner?
Was this a ‘warning’ from Anthony Quinn?
When was ‘real’ Hollywood actor Anthony Quinn born?
When was the Seattle Space Needle opened?
A christian (dupe or agent?), still allowed on yt, has found over 100 connections to a Washington attack, around Trump’s birthday 6/10 – 6/15. He’s not sure of the year, but the zog-emp has to be in office.

P. S. I’ve found over 20 ridiculous connections with dates, gematria, movies, celebs, just in the last month.

3 years ago

put them under wind shield wipers like a good cultie…

Lady Cat
3 years ago

Oh no Charlie, we are getting stimulated. Excuse my french but ….we are being stimulated right up the a$$ with no KY.

Someone did a breakdown of this stimulus package and what each country got per person, according to the census of their country (even though the citizens will never see a dime of it either) I’m pretty sure this is not comprehensive. As I don’t see afghan trannys on here..

56,362 for Israel
16,746 for Sudan
13,209 for Egypt
10,791 for Ukraine
5,262 for Cambodia
4,638 for Nepal
2,513 for Burma

And $2,000 was supposed to be some gift from the Orange God!

Lady Cat
3 years ago

As far as what Tony, the caller said And if you (Tony ) read this jump in please But when he said “what about the jews in Europe, Canada and the US… do you think 75 percent of them..the federation of Jews sent them a letter warning them .. no ..things would have got out.” But that makes me think about how I heard Jews got a message to not go to work the day of September 11 2001. This was a well known rumor I heard within the first year from several people on the streets of nyc, as we had a real neighborhood back then, that eventually was backed by the fact that only one Jew died because a shit ton of then… Read more »

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