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Richard Klass
3 years ago

Even though they have & implementing a vaccine Biden says the worst is still yet to come?

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3 years ago

There’s got to be some kind of a dark spiritual belief of these chosen lunatics when it comes to circumcision. And whether that dark spirituality is real or not, doesn’t matter, because they believe in it. The chosen lunatics are deeply into the whole idea of “dark energy”. Once the man is circumcised, he no longer feels the normal healthy energy flowing through him that normally people with foreskin have. That energy is known as Ki energy that the knowledge of it goes back to ancient times, supposedly Chinese invented the term. And that Ki energy is severed, when the man’s foreskin is cut off. Because I knew a person that had circumcision at the age of 19 because the doctor recommended it to him… Read more »

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3 years ago

There is a history video, possibly still around about the history of the Goths and the Jews. The Goths complain that the Jews should not circumcise their Christian slaves. It is a beef that lasts centuries. So if one finds a conspiracy to circumcise people it is one that has been around for a long time. Since the bronze age I guess. In ancient battles the captives might get mutilated in some way like lose an ear. It is an extension of that.

Reply to  Drake411
3 years ago

Sounds interesting. If you end up finding that, please post the link.

Lady Cat
Reply to  Drake411
3 years ago

Only a race like jews could come up with something as barbaric as this.
Then to go ahead and suck the blood from their little baby wewes
What in holy hell!

Makes me think of all the babies they practiced on to get it “ right”
Absolutely barbaric people.
And why I have to remind myself not to blame their brainwashed victims.
But as someone else so eloquently put it, this situation would be exceedingly easy to fix if not for the army of shabboth goy willing to do their masters bidding
It used to be for shekels

Now they’ll do it for a head pat and a virtual thumbs up!

Edit ps the someone else is the commenter below me 😂

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Juan Betancourt
3 years ago

Rat Face Fauci

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