Truth Hertz: More Parallels Between Ancient Egypt and Hebrew History (7-8-19)

Charlie talks about what’s going on in the world and then gets back into how Thutmose III has striking similarities between King David, as well as parallels between Amenhotep III and King Solomon, and other details that cannot just be coincidence.

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5 years ago

There is no Hebrew history.Only stolen myths.

Johnny Walker Read
5 years ago

Found this comment from Alan Stang quite truthful. LOL There is also the question of when the children of Israel were still the genuine children. Obviously, they were the children at the moment God adopted them. Remember, however that as soon as He did so, they went wrong. Almost from the beginning, they went a-whoring. God tells them to stay home with their own wives. Instead, we constantly find them shacked up and bedded down with strange women, and the Lord is furious. Abraham cohabited with Hagar, an Egyptian. Joseph married Asenath, another Egyptian. Moses married Zipporah, a Midianite. David’s mother was a Moabite. His wife was a princess of Geshur. Solomon had hundreds of “strange women.” How he could stand on his feet unaided… Read more »

5 years ago

“Snobby new englanders?” A tad redundant, don’t you think? ;)) Those people generally pride themselves on being thoroughbred assholes and downright hostile to outsiders.

5 years ago

Charlie, look at the bright side: it is an HONOR to be called a “heretic.” I’d love to hear everyone’s thoughts on this, but isn’t that some 1600s-style critiquing from the “holier than thou” crowd? :))

5 years ago

I really don’t buy all the concubines and ‘royal wives’ and princess’s who ‘were married off’ stories anymore. Knowing what I know about the jews and their human trafficking slave trade, I can almost guarantee that all of the women of ‘noble birth’ (read white women) that were married off to those filthy kikes of yore, were in fact either kidnapped or stolen from their homelands and families. 700 wives? Yea, that’s the fairytale version. That prick had amassed hordes of women whom he hid here and there, just barely out of sight, maybe even underground just like they do today! jews are the least creative species on the planet, except when it comes to ‘clever’ ways to deceive and rip off whoever is next… Read more »

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