Solar Storm: They Are Creating a Diversity of Disasters (7-7-19)

Kyle talks about a number of issues, such as: the Yellowstone supervolcano, earthquakes in CA, crop failures around the world, secret jewish meetings, Nicki Minaj’s ass in Saudi Arabia, fatphobia, the Jeffrey Epstein arrest, and more.

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Anthony Roberts
5 years ago

Disastrously good show, Kyle; it should go down a jewostorm. But seriously, we all know that it’s just jews a DEWin’, as per usury. I reckon their weaponized tech is at least 60 years ahead of what we cattle are shown. It appears from all these (((natural))) events, that they are close to the “pull it” phase, as lucky Larry once said. The only thing missing from your schindler’s, was the stock crash and Nicki’s black ass-tivists chimping-out and making Whitey run for the smart-solar wallymart fema camps. Once there, you will be fed tranny-meat hotdogs shaped like penises – to celebrate noa-pride decade, and all washed down with a glass of rat milk. Your yidcoin worthiness account will be debited, of course. Hey, better… Read more »

Reply to  Anthony Roberts
5 years ago

Looking forward to listening to the download.

Hey Anthony, seeing as you’re a Brit maybe you can validate this. Is this “an ordinary British family”? (read the description of this new TV show underneath the pic! OY VEEEEEY!!!!) 😮

comment image

Dark Money tells the story of an ordinary British family whose boy was mistreated by a famous filmmaker in Hollywood and their decision to accept a substantial payment in exchange for their silence.

Reply to  Mary
5 years ago

The fleeting occasions I see what is on tv, it seems like 85% of programming has a racial mixing theme whether subtle or in-your-face. It’s every bit as prevalent as the gay-supremacist agenda that the jews roll out every chance they get. I am seriously unable to watch 99% of movies and tv and most people are finally seeing that “cutting the cable” won’t help since netflix, prime, etc has this kike-bred degeneracy as well.

John from NC
5 years ago

Ive only listened to the first hour so far, but I wanted to direct people to an awesome website about geoengineering.

5 years ago

Well it’s totally different, the whole geological framework, when the molten core is part the fake globe program. I’m going to say that the super volcano is a program built off of smaller volcano models and is part of the same bullshit fear propaganda like asteroids sun flares. Plus, they aren’t going to destroy the air and food supply that they need to survive as well.

5 years ago

I would like to know the name of the German song starting at min 59.

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