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7 years ago

Outstanding information, and Walmart, yeah, I knew it was big, but that big ? Wow, cheers !

7 years ago

Fuck Walmart! Fuck jews!

Ingrid B
7 years ago

re. weird happenings. When my nephew was killed in a freak accident, my sister said weird things were happening in their house, such as lights going on and off, and the doorbell ringing and no-one was there..

The weirdest thing I ever heard of was a woman who had a ghost/spirit in her home, who raped her quite a bit. When asked if she wanted to get rid of him, she said no, she wanted to keep him..

7 years ago

I have a question for Charles. I’m an anti-theist myself but I cant help but notice symbolism like the upside down pentagram/goat of mendez in mainstream media and government. Also, the prophecies of the book of revelation and Daniel seem to be unfolding. And christianity does get mocked in tv shows and movies… Basically, what is your opinion on this? Does it prove the bible to be true? I hope not but I cant help but wonder if the fundamentalist christians are right.

Reply to  Laur
4 years ago

Charles doesn’t look at comments but I’ll just say that no. jews mocking the bible and plans from thousands of years ago coming to fruition today by design, does not somehow make the bible true. If you listen to Charles, I really can’t understand why you would actually ask a question like this. You’ll just disregard the thousands of awful things about the bible that Charles brings up, because jews mock it? That is not logical at all.

Juan Betancourt
4 years ago

From The First Time I Laid Eyes On This Walsh Motherf*cker So Many Years I Knew There Was Something Amiss & Contrived About This Miscreant. Anyone With Any Sense Can Decipher Quickly That This Walsh Stinks. He’s A Persona Out To Push A Certain Propaganda And Promote Himself & His Financial Interests

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