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Nick keith
3 years ago

You are trending on again. Ill share this tomorrow. Also dont censor yourself. I have so many people block me on that site because they hate free speech and love censorship. Ill never delete a comment or block someone because Im not a pussy.

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3 years ago

Where can one obtain writings of Mr.Giuliani? I am looking for his insight into trinitarianism especially.

Reply to  john
3 years ago

If you want show notes regarding any subject in particular, or have questions about Charlie’s books, just email him at

3 years ago

Christian Socialism is the greatest threat to the existence of White people; forerunners to the Codenhove Kalergi Plan.

Linda G
3 years ago

The Bible was written for the Jews, by the Jews.

I Believe in CI, so I threw my brain out
3 years ago

Retarded brain dead CI fan: Huh poor Charlie doesn’t realize that Moses, Abraham, Issac, etc were our ANCESTORS. It is about time we should do what our ancestors did, like Abraham may be we should pimp our wife to joe Biden or some other leader.


This is clearly a case of “Christard Confusion”; if you are White you stop culturally appropriating Judaism, Rabbi Yeshua never knew our homeland or even our White Gods. When you take away all the plagiarisms of the bible you’re left with nothing other than a control mechanism, which has driven Christians insane.

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Reply to  Solveig
3 years ago

I took the post by “I Believe in CI, so I threw my brain out” to which you’re solemnly replying as plainly satire. Am I missing something?!


I’ll say it again…anyone on his knees to the jewgod IN ANY FORM is a traitor to his race. Hail Odin!


Why do they want their ancestors to be a criminal syndicate who are willing to kill their child after hearing a voice in their head, pimp out their wife, have sex with their daughters, steal the birthright from their brother, have a homoerotic wrestling match with god, exploit a crisis in Egypt to enrich yourself and enslave the population, then cut a bloody swathe of genocide, total war and human sacrifice to get to Palestine to fulfill the promise of their real estate god? None of this is appealing to me.


CI first to go to the re-education camps! Lol

3 years ago
3 years ago

Check this evil out

3 years ago

thank you for this

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Loved the show
3 years ago

Seriously, This is a thought-provoking show which clearly exposes the doublespeak in the bible.

Hywel Jones
3 years ago

Been trying to email charlie . Keeps coming back . What is the address anyone.

10 months ago

I do not think Christianity was intended for Juice. But as a mean to make us gentiles easier to rule. There is a reason it preached things as “turn the other cheek”, no interests and to be pacified.

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